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Eli & Fur: “There’s A Lot We Want To Achieve And Have Long-term Ambitions For The Project”

Eli & Fur: “There’s a lot we want to achieve and have long-term ambitions for the project”

2017 has seen Eli & Fur continue to make their mark on the international music scene with a career highlight being their first ever Coachella performance on the Yuma Stage. Other big plays this year have included the Carl Cox mega structure at Ultra Music Festival and their continued spots at Ibiza’s favourite Ants, Ushuaïa Ibiza.

We had the chance to talk with them as just released their latest track ‘Around You feat. The Black 80’s’ on their own imprint, NXY Music.

Electronic Groove: Hello girls, we are happy to chat with you. We’re looking forward to your latest release ‘Around You’. What can you tell about the inspiration behind these new tracks?

Eli & Fur: Thanks. We wanted to make something melodic and soulful that we could play out. It started off as a purely song-based track, super laid back and chilled out. The vocal idea came next and we reached out to Hollis, after that the tune started to take shape.

Electronic Groove: The vocals on the original are by Hollis from The Black 80’s. Where did the idea to collaborate with him come from?

Eli & Fur: We have heard tracks from Hollis in the past. He always uses vocals in a really amazing way, full of emotion and soul. We reached out to him and he sent us over The Black 80’s album which is him and his partner Frank, who sings on a lot of the tunes. We loved the vibe and asked if they would try something on the instrumental we had. They came back with a ton of amazing different ideas and we picked what we felt worked best.

Electronic Groove: The release comes from your own label NYX. Has it been time-consuming to develop the label and its sound?

Eli & Fur: Not really as the label has just been an outlet for us to put out our own music on. It’s a way in which we can have creative control and put music out when we want to.

Electronic Groove: You’ve been getting more worldwide attention as well various awards. Do you think you’ve reached the success you were looking for?

Eli & Fur: We started off djing for fun but have always seen a path in music. We feel very lucky to be able to do this full time and happy to be at the stage we are at. There’s a lot we want to achieve and have long-term ambitions for the project. The journey of growing and developing Eli & Fur is hugely important to the both of us.

“We have heard tracks from Hollis in the past. He always uses vocals in a really amazing way, full of emotion and soul”

Electronic Groove: Talking about gigs, what was like to play at a festival a Coachella?

Eli & Fur: A total dream. We went to Coachella for the first time when we had just started really focusing on the project and seeing a long-term path. To be asked to play was such an incredible honor and we loved it.

Electronic Groove: Is there a preference between playing at clubs or at festivals?

Eli & Fur: We do like to play at dark clubs, but a bit of both is a nice balance.

Electronic Groove: Do you feel any pressure as female artists when dealing with all industry related tasks?

Eli & Fur: There’s always the pressure of course, but we don’t see these as being female related.

Electronic Groove: There’s been a wave of abuse reports on women for the past months. Have you seen this in the dance music scene too?

Eli & Fur: The only experience we ever had that was when we were just starting out, a very drunk guy in the crowd started screaming that we shouldn’t be behind the decks because we were woman. He was immediately escorted out. This behavior should never be tolerated and we hope for anyone to never have to experience that. It can be hard to determine for what reason people are being negatively judgmental, but as long as we keep fighting and talking about any kind of discrimination then things can only move forward.

Electronic Groove: Going back to music, can you give us some insights on any new productions you’re working on?

Eli & Fur: We have finished working on a mini album/EP which is exciting and we continue to make music that will be coming out next year!!

“Playing at Coachella was a total dream”

Electronic Groove: What producers are catching your eye at moment?

Eli & Fur: Tiger Stripes, hard not to play more than two of his tracks in the set. He’s got a really distinctive groove that we love.

Electronic Groove: What do you like to hear when you’re chilling?

Eli & Fur: Everything! We have a Spotify playlist called ‘Daylight’ which is all our favorite tracks for chilling out.

Electronic Groove: What and where is your favourite place to eat around the world?

Eli & Fur: The last amazing meal we had was at Eveleigh in West Hollywood. The Truffle fries are insane.

Eli & Fur’s ‘Around You feat. The Black 80’s’ is already available. Buy and stream here.

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