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Ellen Allien: ‘It’s more intense for me to mix Vinyl. It is just so sexy’

Ellen Allien is shaping, supporting, stimulating, forming and foremost moving to the electronic music universe. She is famous for her eclectic DJ sets, where she combines perfectly a wide range of styles. As a born, living and working girl from Berlin, she got something, that not many colleagues of her can call their own: a dynamic, freedom loving hometown with a vibrant club and party scene, that supports and forms her passion since decades.

We had the chance to speak with Ellen Allien ahead of her new album release in this coming May.

Electronic Groove: Hey Ellen, very nice to have you on Electronic Groove. How was your winter season? Any special highlight worth mentioning?

Ellen Allien: Thanks Electronic Groove for having me. Resuming I spent February in the studio without gigs. Also, just came back from Miami Music Week, which was great… Some of the events were open-air, weather was intense sometimes, raining and transforming them into tropical raves.

Now, I am in Japan, playing tonight at Vent and tomorrow at Sonár Festival Hong Kong.

EG: Tell us about your Vinylism event series. What’s the concept behind?

Ellen Allien: For Vinylism events I’m trying to find decent record stores around the world, selling vintage and new records. It’s all about sharing music I like.

Also on every date, I’m mixing a selection of vinyls from the store and inviting local DJ’s to play with me. It’s brilliant to see that people are coming and having fun. These are afternoon free events to meet new people and enjoy music.

EG: What would you say to DJs that only play digital music?

Ellen Allien: Music speaks for itself…it’s fine for me if a DJ plays only digital,  it’s all about the music. Personally, it is more intense for me to mix vinyl. It’s just so sexy.

EG: You are scheduled to perform at Melt Festival x Printworks London show alongside Chris Liebing. Thoughts about the gig? Is Melt one of the best festivals for you?

Ellen Allien: In my opinion, Melt Festival is the best festival in Germany. Outstanding location and line up. I love industrial locations. I started playing in my early years in this kind of venues. They influenced my sound to what I am playing today. Rough, hypnotic dance music with freaky elements.

Fusion is another very interesting festival in Germany, unfortunately, they took a break this year.

“In my opinion, Melt Festival is the best festival in Germany”

EG: Printworks London just opened and comments about it are very positive. Are these kinds of massive venues needed to continue the worldwide electronic music expansion?

Ellen Allien: Afternoon raves, wow! That’s how I love dancing by myself… tea dance action.

EG: What was your Miami Music Week schedule this year?

Ellen Allien: I played at KMS Records event At Surfcomber Hotel, Crosstown Rebels’ Get Lost party that it was great, Ovum label showcase at Heart, and a new festival next to the beach called Rapture, very beautiful location and vibe.

I had a great time with friends and I did my best to bring dope music and feelings.

EG: We’ve heard you are about to release a new album. Can you tell us more about it?

Ellen Allien: ‘NOST’, my new album is coming out in May on my label BPitch. Since a while I am already playing some of his tunes in my sets, and I can’t stop playing them. I really like the tracks, a very analog sound mixed with my voice in a minimal Allien way. It felt good being back in the studio. Hannes Bieger is the co-producer, we had a blast together.

EG: What else is on the pipeline for Bpitch Records?

Ellen Allien: Next on the label is Alan Oldham’s vinyl – Detroit meets Berlin – with amazing and very dirty tracks. Also, some remixes from my album by XDB, Gerd Janson, Kyoka, Rod and Blawan.

“‘NOST’, my new album is coming out in May on my label BPitch”

EG: What was your favorite track of 2016?

Ellen Allien: Difficult question, I had like 20 maybe… I played a lot my single ‘Landing XX’.

EG: How’s the summer season looking to you?

Ellen Allien: Looks very good…DC10 Circoloco asked me again to being their resident for next summer. Melt Festival on Sunday July 16th at The Sleepless Floor, I am so much looking forward to this gig.

3 BPitch boogies and ‘We are not alone’ at Ipse Berlin…Open-air floor and warehouse action, amazing location!

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