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Enzo Siragusa: “Ibiza season was full of great vibes which is a testament to our residents”

Over 20 years deep and still as passionate, enthusiastic and obsessive as ever, Enzo Siragusa continues to inject his ideals into his output. Building a community around FUSE, while maintaining a successful solo career and producing dynamic sounds in the studio. Always smiling, he’s a man who has a created a London institution and he’ll be involved with rave culture for a long time to come.

We had the chance to talk with Enzo ahead of his upcoming North American tour.

Electronic Groove: Hi Enzo, excited to share thoughts with you today. How was your recent debut South American tour, and how many gigs included?

Enzo Siragusa: Thanks for the invite. It was incredible. Mainly to see how far the FUSE sound had traveled and the appreciation for it. I was told by many people and DJs there that mixes of mine and the label releases had helped influence their scene. This was very touching. I did four gigs, starting in Chile, on to Uruguay and finished in Argentina.

EG: What was your favorite date on the tour?

Enzo Siragusa: They were all great but Cordoba stood out. Even though I was half way across the world it felt like a home gig, like I was playing at FUSE in London. The warm-up set from their resident Nacho Bolognani was great as well.

EG: You’re set to play Output for the first time on December 1st, Output is arguably one of NYC’s most prominent clubs of today. Are you looking forward to ticking this off your list?

Enzo Siragusa: Absolutely. I was there in July and managed to catch Danny Tenaglia. It was a great night and I have wanted to play there since.

“My recent South American tour was incredible”

EG: This is your third time in NYC this year. What’s your take on the New York clubs and crowds? How have this year’s experiences been and is this a territory you would like to explore more? Maybe for a Fuse event?

Enzo Siragusa: I am excited by what I see in New York. When I was growing up in the early-mid 90’s it was a place that was revered and where the house music I was into was coming from. Then things seemed to cool off.

Now, looks to be in a rejuvenation process. It’s vibrant and feels like there are so many opportunities. Brooklyn seems to change every time I go and out of change can bring a lot of new ideas. I would definitely be keen to explore a FUSE event there.

EG: As usual FUSE had a full schedule during the summer. Can you give us some highlights of this year’s Ibiza residency?

Enzo Siragusa: They were all great parties. This year especially because we didn’t have any guests and we stuck to our core group of artists, really keeping it in the family. It was still rammed full of great vibes which is a testament to our residents.

EG: Do you continue with your regular parties in London during the season?

Enzo Siragusa: Typically, we have to strip things back in summer in London as my touring schedule is pretty manic and so it’s difficult to manage both well. We thrive to throw quality parties and it’s better to do what our capacity allows us to during those busy months so we keep doing it right and the quality doesn’t falter.

EG: What about Sonus Croatia in August. It was their fifth anniversary. Was this a special FUSE date?

Enzo Siragusa: It really is a special FUSE date, and one of the highlights of the year because the party that we throw is an after hour. It starts in the morning and so this brings it back to what FUSE was originally. It’s also a privilege to have the opportunity to work with the sound and production guys there. It’s always next level. If you haven’t been to or played at Sonus, I can’t recommend it enough.

EG: Let’s talk about the Winter season. What is coming up gig wise for you?

Enzo Siragusa: New year’s looks like a manic one, I’m playing 4 times in 24 hours. Then I have a month off in January which will come just when I need it.

“New year’s looks like a manic one, I’m playing 4 times in 24 hours”

EG: In terms of releases this year you dropped ‘Dubinnovation’ EP with Archie Hamilton? We love the ‘Ricochet’ track. What can we hear next from you and your FUSE label?

Enzo Siragusa: This month I’m releasing a collaboration EP between myself, Archie Hamilton and Subb-an. I also have a remix for Guti and Cristi Cons coming late December. On Infuse we have an EP from East End Dubs who is an artist I am very excited about. Following this, a banging EP from Rich Nxt on FUSE London.

EG: What can we expect from the FUSE crew for the rest of the year?

Enzo Siragusa: On November 19th we celebrated our ninth birthday with a party at Village Underground with myself and the crew residents. We also have our annual Christmas rave in December, and we finish off the year with our doubleheader New Years day and night events. Plenty parties and lots of music!

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