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Fabrizio Marra: “We never stop growing and that’s what, despite my years of experience, I’m still doing.”

Fabrizio Marra is an artist that continues to evolve and develop with consummate ease. New sounds, new endeavors, and new frontiers; they all remain an instrumental part of his thrust forward as a leading underground house music tastemakers. As a producer, he continues to smash preconceptions about not only his style but the wider spectrum of house and techno as well. His style remains perfectly emblematic of the dance floor dexterity needed in the modern clubspace, bringing the seductive groove and swing of classic house just as readily as the energy of techno. There are few who balance musical maturity with an exciting creative edge, and it’s the experience informed from his illustrious past combined with the forward thinking surge to the future that makes his musical manoeuvres so irresistibly powerful.

Today, EG catches up with Fabrizio Marra to learn more about his latest release, ‘Beiruting’; his trajectory and roots; views on music and the evolution of sound; and much more.

EG: Hi Fabrizio! Welcome to EG! We’re excited to have you here with us. How are you doing?

Fabrizio Marra: All is well in spite of the moment that the whole world is experiencing. We hope that it will return to normal as soon as possible but the curiosity to see how the music scene will be in the near future is great.

EG: We know you have a long road covered beneath your soles, but we’d like to know you better…How did you first get involved with electronic music? Did you already have musical concepts before you decided you wanted to produce your own music?

Fabrizio Marra: Let’s say I’ve been on the music scene for over 30 years and have seen the entire music scene grow and develop. My first record production dates back to 2008 and before that, I already was a DJ. I started following some masters of the art including Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, with whom I had the opportunity to share the decks at Ministry of Sound before he left us, among others. Then the music changed, it evolved, and I got closer to the electronic scene following artists such as Tale OF Us, Hannes Bieger, Adriatique, and so on; after all, we never stop growing and that’s what, despite my years of experience, I’m still doing.

EG: Speaking about productions, you have just released your latest single in ‘Beiruting’. Congratulations! Are you excited about this new release on Endless Records? What has the initial reception been like?

Fabrizio Marra: Yes I’m very happy, let’s say I’m doing a great job with ENDLESS Records. My latest record productions have climbed on the charts and even with the previous one, the ‘Overdrive’ EP, I managed to reach the 5th position in the genre rankings. I found myself in the midst of Nick Curly on one side, and Solomun on the other, so you can understand that’s a great satisfaction for me, even if I am not a person who loves being in the studio very much. Indeed, I prefer contact with people, and therefore I keep the art of DJing as my main activity. Anyway, we all know that the market and the evolution of an artist’s path also requires this, especially during these modern times.

EG: Where did the inspiration for ‘Beiruting’ come from? What can we expect, sonically?

Fabrizio Marra: Sonic-wise, I try to propose sounds that belong to me at the moment, so I combine melodic house with harder sounds, almost techno. I love arpeggiators and synths especially when they are distorted. The title comes from the boundless love I have for Lebanon and in particular, Beirut. I have many friends and right now the country is going through a terrible time, pandemic, economic crisis, and an absent policy of rehabilitation have brought the Lebanese to the brink. And to think that with the natural beauty and energy of that people, Lebanon would not envy anything to Ibiza. Let’s hope that the course of history changes as soon as possible and let’s not forget about them- Hence the title ‘Beiruting’.

“I try to propose sounds that belong to me at the moment, so I combine melodic house with harder sounds, almost techno”

EG: ‘Beiruting’ is included in ENDLESS Records’ ‘Endless Story Vol. 2’ compilation, right? Do you have a favorite one from the record?

Fabrizio Marra: Yes. Well, of course, my track is my fave one, but I must admit that the one by my good friend Lino Fuso is a big one too.

EG: How would you describe your music by now? Is it what you initially thought you wanted to make? How has it evolved since you first started producing?

Fabrizio Marra: As I explained earlier, the sounds were initially much more ‘house’. I started with almost soulful productions. The evolution is given by the times, and by what first belongs to me at the moment and what I like. Let’s say that my path has been a very versatile one, even if now I would not go back, but as they say…never say never.

EG: What is your process like in the studio? Do you work with analog gear or mostly ‘inside-the-box’?

Fabrizio Marra: I am lucky enough to work in a studio full of instruments and with a sound professional who helps me to realize my productions. I often have ideas that are a starting point for development through highly professional tools. From there, the search for sounds and the depth of final masters.

EG: Where do you find inspiration? Do you have some sort of creative routine? Or do you just think inspiration is overrated?

Fabrizio Marra: The artists I follow are a source of inspiration every day. Some of them are true maestros and were born to be where they are. So I believe they are my main source of inspiration.

“The evolution is given by the times, and by what first belongs to me at the moment and what I like”

 EG: If you could have carte blanche and ask for anything in your artist rider…what would you ask for?

Fabrizio Marra: Well gimme 2 CDjs, a good sound system, I’ll bring the music and let’s have a party. We only need good music, great energy, and happy people.

EG: What’s next for Fabrizio Marra? What new milestones can your fans look forwards to in the coming months?

Fabrizio Marra: New music, new releases are coming and I absolutely need to get back to travel the world and discover different cultures. It’s training for everyone’s mind and provides you with a chance to make new friends, know people and fill your soul with love. That’s all that we need, especially during the current times.

EG: Thank you for your time Fabrizio! We wish you all the best for the future!

Fabrizio Marra: Thanks for having me on board! It was really healthy and lovely talking with you.

Fabrizio Marra’s ‘Beiruting’ is out now via ENDLESS Records. Purchase your copy here.

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