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Felix Kröcher: “We have to stay together as a scene”

Techno from Germany has a long-standing tradition and many faces. One of its most famous is Felix Kröcher, from Frankfurt. He helped shape electronic music since the mid 00 years. With his very own interpretation of techno he presents the zeitgeist in a way that does not care about trend but prefers to create new ones. His dance floor sound – first presented at the legendary U60311 in his home town – is alive at the really big festivals and the most famous clubs.

Felix Kröcher stands for lived out techno with a special feeling and a large portion of passion. He is an artist with a keen sense of vibes and upcoming trends and thus a true master of his trade. Both his broad musical know-how and his friendly personality make him a true magnet for the audience and gained him numerous top positions in the yearly votings of pertinent media within the scene.

We caught up with Felix to talk about his latest release ‘‘Faceless Fears’ featuring Haptic.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Felix, thanks for your time today and congratulations for 20 years on the scene. How do you feel at this moment?

Felix Kröcher: Hey guys! Hope you are well. It feels great and I am looking forward to celebrating this special year with a lot of exciting things, including a new album. The first single ‘Faceless Fears’ featuring Haptic came out in February and has been getting some amazing feedback so far. We also just released an amazing new remix from Milanese duo Hunter/Game, who I ‘m really digging right now.

EG: Can you share some memories from the days you started raving/DJing?

Felix Kröcher: I remember the times when I watched the Mayday Livestream on TV back in the days in my youth. I already felt a special connection, back then started an internship at the radio station Sunshine Live, where I still work today in the music department. Things came together and I started DJing in Frankfurt. It was such a special atmosphere and when I played the legendary Love Parade or Mayday for the first time, dreams truly came true. From this moment on, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

EG: How did you decide to become a full-time DJ?

Felix Kröcher: It honestly was a natural process and developed over time. Things fall into place and I started touring more and more, and I am so happy to still do this for a living today.

EG: Can you mention some of your favorite gigs in 2019?

Felix Kröcher: It’s always hard to mention one favorite show. Every weekend, every show is different. But Summer 2019, in general, was a truly special one. All these great festivals taking place during this season are outstanding events and I am more than happy to play so many of them every year. Of course ‘Nature One’ is a really special one for me. I played this big tent so many times and everyone feels so special again. It is just like coming home 🙂

EG: To celebrate 20 years on the scene you just released a new EP titled ‘Faceless Fears featuring Haptic’. What was the inspiration to produce this track?

Felix Kröcher: ‘Faceless Fears’ is a collaboration with the Australian singer Haptic. I wanted to kick off the year and this special 20 celebration with a powerful, yet rather emotional track. The vocal just fits so nicely to the cut and the crowd is reacting great when I’m playing it out live.

EG: How did you link with Haptic?

Felix Kröcher: I knew him through productions he did with Einmusik or Marc De Pulse. When I first heard these collaborations I already thought that this guy had something special. So I contacted him and we started to exchange ideas, which ended up in ‘Faceless Fears’.

EG: As part of the industry, do you like its current state and what would you like to see improvements in the coming years?

Felix Kröcher: I think everything in the world is developing and so Is the electronic dance music industry. Of course, many things changed over the years. There are so many festivals around these days and it is getting more difficult for the clubs. In my opinion, we have to stay together as a scene and develop with these changes. For the future, I wish that the clubs can co-exist with the festivals. Especially in Germany clubs are tending to close here and it is getting more difficult which is a development I, of course, do not really like.

EG: There are other releases planned in the coming months? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Felix Kröcher: I am releasing a full album during this year, with the next collaboration with Cari Golden. It’s a really strong acid track, stay tuned.

EG: What’s your favorite part of being an artist?

Felix Kröcher: To express myself through music!

Felix Kröcher’s ‘Faceless Fears feat. Haptic’ is now available. Grab your copy here

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