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Final Request: “The emotions that artist conveys to listeners through music are the main form of communication”

In June 2020, Russian-born and Shanghai-based electronic music producer Anton Kazakov started his Final Request project by winning a remix competition by KAS:ST, residents of Afterlife Records. That track was released digital and vinyl as well, and after the first successful release, Anton began signing his music to labels such as Infinite Depth, Blindfold Records, Mono.Noise. Having moved to Shanghai, Final Request also became a part of Celia, a well-known after-hours club in China.

Now, FInal Request is behind the release of ‘One Way To Know’, his debut EP for New Tab Music. We caught up with Anton to learn more about his musical project, his new EP, life in China, and much more.

Electronic Groove: Hi Anton! Welcome to EG. It’s great to have you with us. Where are you right now? How’s your year going so far?

Final Request: Hey guys, thanks for having me. I’m in Shanghai, doing the mixdown for my new track and drinking a second cup of coffee :)

The year started very strongly. Along with music production, I decided to start learning Unreal Engine software to integrate it into my visual style and make interesting content. I started noticing it helps me musically as well, just switching from one creative process to another one. Let’s see, how far can I go with this.

Electronic Groove: We’re glad to hear that and excited for what might come from that. When did you make the move from Russia to China? Why did that happen? Was it hard to adapt to wildly different cultures?

Final Request: It happened 4 years ago (OMG, it feels like yesterday). My hometown is literally across the river from China. You can walk down the street and see what’s going on there. I traveled there a lot and was already familiar with the culture. One day I just asked myself, would I like to move and live in China? At that moment, I had already graduated from university, worked in the office for several years and clearly realized this is not for me. It was a very exciting moment, to change everything in my life. Now I understand I made the right decision.

Electronic Groove: Congratulations on the release of ‘One Way To Know’, your EP for New Tab Music! What’s the story behind this one? What can your fans expect on this one?

Final Request: This is gonna be music for peak time moments and for emotional reflection. I’m always trying to find singers with unique voices to add a certain meaning to my production and tell a story. The track ‘One Way To Know’ from this EP was no exception. I wouldn’t want to explain exactly what the track is about. It’s very important to me that everyone who will listen to this remembers some moment from their life or just reflect. The emotions that artists convey to listeners through music are the main form of communication. And if you speak the same language and understand each other, then you feel unity and closeness, no matter how far physically you are.

Electronic Groove: It also features a remix by Kevin de Vries. What were your first impressions? What are you on the lookout for when listening to a remix of your tracks for the first time?

Final Request: ‘Is it happening for real?’ – that was my first impression listening to the remix. I was happy. When artists like Kevin do a remix for you, it 100% guarantees high quality production. The result was very unusual and interesting. It turned out to be a track for big venues and festivals.

“I’m always trying to find singers with unique voices to add a certain meaning to my production and tell a story”

Electronic Groove: And this will be New Tab Music’s second release. Why did you decide to go with them? What do you find attractive about them as a label?

Final Request: It’s very important for me that the label shares my musical views and believes in my music. When I feel this, I want to work together. Also, I’m always more on the side of labels that have their own visual style. When I saw New Tab’s presentation for the first time, I was very inspired. I like their approach to every little detail. The whole team behind this label are real professionals.

Electronic Groove: You actually kicked off your Final Request project by winning the remix competition for KAS:ST, earning both a digital and vinyl release in the process. What was the experience like? Did you know you had submitted a good entry with solid chances? Did you have a lot of experience as a producer prior to launching the project?

Final Request: I’ve been producing a lot of music for a long time, but I didn’t realize how good it actually sounds, and I am ready to share it with people. I just didn’t understand it before. And that’s why I couldn’t decide to launch my project in any way. Winning the remix contest for KAS:ST gave me strength and confidence. It was a great starting point for sure. Especially when I got a copy of the vinyl. Magical moment :)

Electronic Groove: Why did you choose the name Final Request? What does the project mean to you?

Final Request: The name of the project was a challenge. I just said, Anton, this is your final request to yourself. Stop doubting, it’s now or never.’ And I’m super happy this name was born in a very organic way and does not have any secret meanings.

Electronic Groove: Let’s walk down memory lane. How did you first get started in the electronic music scene? Do you remember the first DJ you went to see live? Do you remember which was the first track that blew your mind?

Final Request: I have to say big thanks to my best friend Andrew Bugrov. Somewhere between 2005-2006, he showed me some records that made a big impression on me. We started collecting music together, going to clubs. It was a really great journey! You had to be lucky to get new records because the internet wasn’t what it is now. We also recorded various radio shows on the computer, we bought CDs and spent hours on the music forums to find out the right name of the track, just by a piece of record.

I have carefully selected 3 records that influenced me and my musical taste in the future. Fortunately, I still keep all the old files on my computer, I hope you will be able to find them to listen to:

  • Praga Khan – Supermodel (Peter Luts Remix)
  • Enzo Mori & Stephan Clark – Girls & Boys (Club Remix)
  • Ian Carey & Mochico feat. Miss Bunty – Say What You Want (Ian Carey Dub Mix)

“I’ve been producing a lot of music for a long time, but I didn’t realize how good it actually sounds, and now I am ready to share it with people. I just didn’t understand it before”

Electronic Groove: What else can we expect from Final Request in the future? What new milestones are you looking forward to in 2022?

Final Request: This year will be very busy with releases. More and more labels are opening their doors to my music, which is great. I have a good motivation to work even harder to achieve big results!

Electronic Groove: Thank you for your time, Anton! We wish you all the best for the future!

Final Request: I had a lot of pleasant memories answering your questions. Thank you, guys!

Final Request’s ‘One Way To Know’ is out now via New Tab Music. Purchase your copy here.

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