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Fisher: “America’s Scene Is Pretty Pumping Right Now And It’s Only Getting Better”

Fisher: “America’s scene is pretty pumping right now and it’s only getting better”

Originally from Australia, FISHER became known as one-half of the electronic music duo Cut Snake alongside his friend Leigh Sedley. This Summer he released his debut single ‘Ya Kidding’ on Dirtybird, having over 1.4 million plays on Spotify and considered as one of the season’s anthems.

Currently living in Los Angeles, we had the chance to speak with him as he’s dropping today a new EP ‘Oi Oi’ on Claude Von Stroke’s label.

Electronic Groove: Hi FISHER, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Where are you right now and how was your last weekend?

FISHER: No worries at all, I’m in Los Angeles Eating a Sanga, it’s my last day here before scoot-ing back off to Oz for some summer action over there! My last weekend was epic was in New York for my birthday did some fun stuff for it and I got to play the Dirtybird Players warehouse party which was all time.

EG: With almost 2 million streams to its name and having been played across dancefloors all summer, we can consider ‘Ya Kidding’ is one of the biggest dance anthems of 2017. Did you ever think the track would have the impact it’s had?

FISHER: I mean does anyone ever, unless they can see into the future with that! So my answer is definitely not, before I handed the tune over to Dirtybird I played it a bunch and knew it worked with the reactions I got but never thought it would do what it’s doing and personally I couldn’t be happier, I’m stoked!

EG: There are clips that have since gone viral of it being played at massive events like Outside Lands, Tomorrowland, Amnesia Ibiza and CRSSD Festival where the reaction’s been immense, what’s been the best reaction or experience you’ve encountered when playing it so far?

FISHER: Well the first time I dropped it at CRSSD in San Diego was pretty special cause you never know if the tunes it’s going to work or not and I was super excited to try it in front of that crowd, and when she came on she roared, people went mad so it was a good moment for me right there.

EG: Considering the vibe of ‘Ya Kidding’, it definitely has that Dirtybird energy. How did your relationship with the label materialize? Was released on Claude’s baby a no-brainer?

FISHER: I’m good mates with a lot of that crew and they’re a good bunch of cats. I have always loved that label when I started Djing and always definitely wanted to put a track on Dirtybird. It was funny I had just finished the track and thought I’ll send it to Justin (Martin) to check what he thinks about it, he told me he would try it out at WMC for me, the following Monday I had an email from Claude saying, “Let’s get that bad boy up and running”.

EG: Your follow up release and debut EP ‘Oi Oi’ follows on where ‘Ya Kidding’ left off, can you tell us a bit about ‘Stop It’ and ‘Ya Didn’t’? Did you feel any pressure going into the studio?

FISHER: No pressure it is what it is when ya on ya on and when ya off ya off! and at that point I was on a high from what ‘Ya Kidding’ was doing that it set off some epic vibes in the studio! I wanted a good follow up track after and I thought ‘Stop It’ was the perfect track to back it up, and then I wanted a fun track with a bop-ping bassline to go with those two and that is where ‘Ya Didn’t’ came along. I’m stoked with both these tracks and I hope everyone loves the EP.

EG: Many will know you about your previous adventures as ‘Follow The Fish’, can you tell us about some of your favorite adventures as a blogger?

FISHER: Mate it’s basically the same as what I’m doing now, running around the world, but instead of it being with a surfboard it’s with a USB 😉

EG: You’ve also enjoyed success as a pro-surfer, is Surfing still a major part of your life?

FISHER: Yeah, I still love going on surf trips with all my mates and talking and surfing all day, it’s been a part of my life since I was a kid and it will continue till I’m an old man!

“I’m stoked with both these tracks and I hope everyone loves the EP”

EG: Tell us something about yourself that your fans won’t know already?

FISHER: There ain’t too much they don’t know about me… I post my life all over the internet! What you see is what you get basically.

EG: We understand you live between Sydney and Los Angeles, two places with rich music cultures, how would you compare their respective scenes?

FISHER: America’s scene is pretty pumping right now and it’s only getting better. There is so much cool stuff happening in the States and all the artist from whatever genre of music all come to the country and tear shit up! The fans are always ready to have a crack and they always want to have fun and I love that.

On the other side, Aus is epic! It has some cool stuff going as well the crowds are always fun! It’s just not as big as North America, so there is a lot less stuff, but when the festivals are on they are pumping.

EG: With the release of ‘Oi Oi’, where can we catch you play over the coming months?

FISHER: I’ll be in OZ from November through December. Then Brazil and the United States in January.

EG: And lastly, what’s in store for 2018?

FISHER: I’m just trying to enjoy 2017! Tell ya when I get there!

FIESHER’s ‘Oi Oi’ is available now. Grab your copy here.

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