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Flashmob: “I Love To Experiment And Bring Something New And Innovative To Music”

Flashmob: “I love to experiment and bring something new and innovative to music”

Flashmob is one of the most prominent names in dance music. After just five years since emerging, the solo act that is Alessandro Magani has established himself as an exciting DJ, fresh producer and in the know label boss. He has scored a number of underground hits in his time, and fuses a fine understanding of the past with an original vision of the future. 

We had the chance to talk with him aligned to his latest Gruuv release.

Electronic Groove: Hi Flashmob, thanks for the time to chat with us. How 2017 was it for you? Any particular highlights that stand out?

Flashmob: Thanks to you guys. My ADE party was probably the best moment. So good to see such a big success after so much work and I had the honour of having so many great artists all on one lineup with people like DJ W!ld, Matt Tolfrey, Terranova, Citizenn, Bambook, Kaiserdisco, Rob Anderson and many more. Another highlight was my radio show on Ibiza Global Radio being syndicated worldwide.

“I like to do my own thing and I’m very concentrated on what my next steps are”

EG: Your latest release ‘Switch’ on Gruuv recently dropped. How did the record end up being signed to the label?

Flashmob: I’ve had a great relationship with Audiojack throughout the years and we’ve always spoke about getting me on the label. Recently I joined the same agency, Air London, and invited the guys for a takeover of my Flashmob Radio Show, these things intensified communication and the rest came spontaneously. I have always thought of Gruuv as a great profile plattform and perfect for what I have in mind for me.

EG: What was the creative process like in the studio for this record? Do you have a tried and tested formula?

Flashmob: Not really, I have several ways of making a record, and according to whichever one I use a different type of house music comes to life. For my “technical” productions, I use more software and they usually come out very quick. It’s more about an atmosphere and feeling I have on a certain day, sometimes these EP’s come together all in one day.

EG: How did the remix with Hobo come about?

Flashmob: Gruuv asked me to choose a remixer and I love Hobo’s work. As you know Flashmob is not a chart chaser, especially because charts these days show how low the quality is, so I went with something that represents my desire for good quality music. I mean isn’t that we are here for?

EG: What’s your studio set up like? Is there any piece of hardware or software you can’t work without?

Flashmob: I work with an Analogue Rhythm, a Prophet 6, a Moog and lots of software. I have a NI Maschine and the new Pioneer Sp-16 Toraiz, as I do love to sample a lot.

“I have several ways of making a record”

EG: What are your top 3 tracks of the year?


  1. Nice7 – ‘Running Man’ (Snatch! Records)
  2. Bollen & Fichtner – ‘Once Or Twice’ (Flashmob Records)
  3. Flashmob Ft. Hector Moralez – ‘Do You Do (Stefano Esposito Remix)’ (Flashmob Records)

EG: Who are some DJs andProducers who influence your music?

Flashmob: I like to do my own thing and I’m very concentrated on what my next steps are. It’s this kind of attitude that leads to tracks like ‘Need In Me’, which is now approaching 17 million hits on YouTube. I love to experiment and bring something new and innovative to music. That’s what the game is about for me.

Of course I love listening to all music and I am fascinated by many genres and different styles and especially by younger producers that I try to fill my label with. I believe in giving younger producers a platform to showcase their vision and dreams. I feel there should be more openings to good young producers and that they should be treated with respect and given a helping all. After all, I still remember when I was in their position.

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