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Fred Everything: “I always strive for more, but I don’t want to let this get in the way of my own happiness”

‘Long Way Home’ marks Fred Everything’s fourth artist album, and the first to be released on his own label Lazy Days Recordings. Out June 21st, 2018, the album indicates his return to his hometown of Montreal, after 8 years in San Francisco, and also marks a come back to the LP format after ten years.

We had the chance to talk with him about his upcoming release.

Electronic Groove: Thanks for chatting with us Fred. You’re about to release your latest album ‘Long Way Home’. What can you tell us about the production process behind the album?

Fred Everything: Thanks for inviting me. The whole album was written at home in Montreal. I tried to let my guards down as much as possible and just do what felt natural while still trying to push my production level. Most of my process is based on Hardware synths, drum machines and sequencers. Then I print everything in audio to Logic separately and edit and arrange there. Some of the vocals were recorded remotely (London, South Africa, Montreal) as well as the String sections.

EG: You lived in San Francisco for 8 years. Are your surroundings a source of inspiration when producing?

Fred Everything: Yes, I’ve been back in Montreal for the past 2 years now. I spent 8 wonderful years in San Francisco and the experiences and friends I’ve made are priceless, but at some point, it’s time to go home. I still think of San Fran as a close second home.

EG: How was your time in the ‘City By The Bay’? And are you happy to be back in Montreal?

Fred Everything: I am indeed. It’s so nice to be close to friends and family and I’m enjoying the city even more. The pace of life here is better for me creatively and on so many other levels.

EG: The LP has 12 tracks. Personally, do any of them stand out from the rest? Or were any of the tracks harder to develop?

Fred Everything: I would have to say ‘by Day’. This is the track I spent the most time on. The original demo sent to the singer Sió was done very fast but then I got some live strings recorded remotely from players in Russia and had some Rhodes played by a great local keyboard player, Dan Thouin. I knew I had to spend extra time on this one since it was an anchor track for the album as well as the strongest single.

“I tried to let my guards down as much as possible and just do what felt natural while still trying to push my production level”

EG: You’ve recently done some traveling through Europe. What can you tell us about your recent trip and has it played an emotional or artistic part in the album?

Fred Everything: I’ve been going to Europe for a very long time now but the last 2 summers, my girlfriend and I spent the month of August there, especially in Croatia where I play every summer. We also spent time in Mallorca, an island I’ve been going to for over 15 years now. The whole vibe of those 2 places got me even more interested in rediscovering the Balearic influence in my music. This can definitely be heard on my album.

EG: There a few contributors on some of the tracks. How was the working method? Did you get together in the studio or was this something remote?

Fred Everything: Jinadu originally sent me a vocal he had and I built a track on it. I originally did a dub track with it and last minute turned into a more straightforward dub house track. Sió recorded her vocals at home in South Africa and I produced it at home. Franky Selector is an old friend from Montreal so we recorded his vocoder part in his studio. The strings were all recorded remotely, in St-Petersburg, Bali and Berlin.

EG: Do you have any tour planned ahead of its release?

Fred Everything: I’m always on some sort of tour as a traveling DJ, but I have some great dates coming up. I just did a few things in the United States including San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, and Europe at Switzerland and Germany. I’m about to go to Asia: Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, as well as a few closer dates to Boston, Ottawa and of course Montreal.

In August, I’m going back to Europe for Croatia, Mallorca and Greece and back to Asia/Australia in September.

EG: You have quite a resume of accolades. Do you think you’ve reached the success you were looking for?
Fred Everything: I always strive for more, but I don’t want to let this get in the way of my own happiness. I feel very fortunate of what I achieved and all the experiences I had and people I had the chance to meet over the years.

The whole vibe of Mallorca and Croatia got me even more interested in rediscovering the Balearic influence in my music”

EG: Do you keep an eye open for what others are doing? Are there any producers out there that you might recommend on listening too?

Fred Everything: Indeed but it would be hard for me to narrow it down to a few names. As much as I listen to new music, I also buy a lot of older music (mostly records) and find my inspiration as much in the new as in the old.

EG: What do you like to hear when unwinding?

Fred Everything: Jazz-funk, soul and a lot of ambient music, electronic or avant-garde.

EG: If you would have to choose a place to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner, where and what would it be?

Fred Everything: Give me a nice piece of fresh grilled fish and salad somewhere by the sea and I’m happy!

Fred Everythings ‘Lost Way Home’ will be out June 21st. Grab ‘by Day’ single here.

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