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Fred Hush: “We All Need The Real Deal, The Contact, The Vibe, The Trill, The Emotions”

Fred Hush: “We all need the real deal, the contact, the vibe, the trill, the emotions”

After multiple years having residencies on Thursday and Fridays in Belgium’s house & techno underground scene and playing thousands of hours all over, moving along wicked eastern European countries & Russian federation resorts Fred Hush decided to work on his production skills. Since, he released multiple times on Green Velvet’s Relief Records, as well on Tronic Soundz, Sonar Kollektiv & the infamous Rushhour Records from Amsterdam. A techno acid sound as Fred grew up between techno labels like Missile and Primate Records in the 90’ and now he is going back to the source in combination with recent material and futuristic unknown retro beats.

We caught with Fred Hush to talk about his recent musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Fred, and welcome to EG. Tells us about your beginnings with dance music. How did it all start?

Fred Hush: Hello, EG. When I was 14 I loved skating, hang up with older friends. On a regular Sunday, I went to an after-party (did not know it was that, for me it was daytime). At the place, I fell in love with the Technics turntables and the touch of Rodec buttery faders. Shortly after that day, I went and bought my first mixer, a Sanyo old skool turntable, and a cassette deck on a garage sale, thanks Dad! I went clubbing a bit too early, but in Belgium, this is the culture, I suppose.

In the 90’ almost every city had a club or multiple on a short distance. I saw ‘I Love Techno’ being born, I experienced the growth of Tomorrowland, 10daysoff, and many other events. In addition, I had the honor to play at them, I am grateful for that amazing experience.

EG: Is there a specific track that brings memories from your initial days with Dance music?

Fred Hush: I grew up with MTV Europe, dance tracks all day long. Moby’s ‘Go’ trilled me, also Nomad’s ‘Devotion’, SNAP, Prodigy, KLF, Daft Punk, David Morales making Ibiza big with his hit ‘Needin you’. Still listening to Chicane’s ‘Saltwater’ once in a while.

I’ve listened to all kinds of music of course. The one that influenced me the most was the Leftfield album ‘Leftism’, I could listen to that same CD over and over again… It was created to stay on the top. Speaking of techno music, my first bought CDs were Drumcode, Primate Records, R&S, and my favorite one is Missile Records. All on vinyl. Also listened a lot to pop, rock, metal, disco, classical music, among other genres.

EG: Where are you living right now and how has the city and music scene handled the current situation with the COVID-19 virus?

Fred Hush: Right know in Kortrijk – Belgium, 1 hour from Brussels, 2 hours from Amsterdam, 2 hours from Paris. It is a small city but strategically located. Actually, I had a big event on the upcoming weekend and unfortunately had to cancel it. Everything is extremely uncertain at the moment, to be honest.

As an alternative, I got the opportunity to open a rooftop lounge bar named King Kong Club, this keeps me in touch with people and music. However, to answer you, all festivals, nightlife, and clubbing are wiped out for the moment.

EG: How do you see the industry evolving after all this?

Fred Hush: That’s a crazy question that I’m asking myself every day. It’s already obscene that you guys located on the other side of the world are having the same issues as our country and that we feel the same way. Also, makes it a bit magical in some sort of way.

We are in this together. It’s hard to predict the future, however, I extremely doubt that life and the scene will be the same as it was before.

“Get surrounded by positive people who
support you and your ideology”

EG: Moving into music production. What do you have coming out? Any special summer tracks?

Fred Hush: Yes! This is the positive part, for the first time in 15 years I’m not able to play. Right now I can focus 100% on making music. I actually finished many tracks and will release them on vinyl via On my EG set, I included many of them.

I have also worked in the studio with Bruno Sanchioni the original composer of ‘Age of Love’. We decided to make the follow up called ‘Game of Love’ with the original singer, I’m really looking forward to this.

EG: Have you got any new equipment or software that you are digging right now?

Fred Hush: Actually dreaming of going full analog hardware, giant mix table, and acoustic room. For the moment, I have my Electribe Korg’s, Adam speakers, Apollo Twin soundcard, Logic program, updating and looking for new samples to create the ‘ambiance’ and ‘atmosphere’ I feel.

EG: What’s your preference, vinyl or digital? and why?

Fred Hush: We all love vinyl right? Love, love, love it… With the right set up at the right location, of course. USB sticks are very practical and not all good music is released on vinyl. So both will stay for me.

EG: What advice would you give to young producers?

Fred Hush: Do not let anybody change you, make a strategy, and stay with your plan even if it takes a lot of time. Get surrounded by positive people who support you and your ideology.

“Pump up the volume back, please

EG: Have you done any live streams? How do you feel about them and do they bring something good or bad to the scene/artist?

Fred Hush: Yes, from my house, from elsewhere, different setups. The mix for EG was recorded in France in the countryside in a private context. It’s probably a good alternative but we all need the real deal, the contact, the vibe; the trill, the emotions. Yes, you can discover new artists and give them some space, but this cannot last forever. Digital events cannot be the new normal, it’s ok as an alternative for the moment but pump up the volume back, please. I also believe that positive energy is contagious; let us share the positivity with each other.

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Fred Hush: I did efforts to plan events but I will put it on hold just for now. I know that my ideas and projects need the freedom to grow. Keeping that energy and making new music. I strongly believe that the good times have to begin and that everything before was an amazing warm-up.

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