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FreedomB: “It’s really important, at least for me, to be real, to be free”

Hailing from Madrid, FreedomB -aka Alberto Arranz Barrantes- has proved his skills behind the Berlin decks in the past eight years. Well based in the city of techno and electronic music, apart from Djing’s and touring worldwide, FreedomB is as well increasingly dedicated to the art of production, obtaining already support and collaboration from artists such as Onno, Affkt, Kiki, Jacob Phono and his favourite German key: the renowned duo ‘Luna City Express’.

With influences directly from jazz, disco, funk, and soul, FreedomB’s grooves make all kinds of audiences dance from sunset to sunrise. This new EP called ‘NANE’ can bear witness of that fact since the inspiration behind it is nothing less than the heroine of his dance floor: a beauty-blonde with a smile as bright as her hair and as cheerful as the music of her partner…

We caught up with FreedomB to know a little more about these grooves of love.

 EG: Hi, Alberto, thanks for chatting with us. You just released your new production on Sisyphon. The EP is entitled ‘Nane’. What is the story behind this EP and how did the title come out?

FreedomB: Thanks for inviting me. Some months ago I sat down with the guys from Sisyphon to plan my upcoming release with them. We talked about some possible names, but on my way home, after the meeting, I just had only one. A name that when I closed my eyes and thought of Sisyphos, came to my mind.

She saw me in Dampfer/Scheune in July 2018 while I was DJing, but we spoke for the first time in Wintergarden after my performance. Thanks to her, as I’m a pretty shy guy to take the first step. Sometimes as a joke, I say that she is & has been the only real groupie which I’ve ever had. She is my friend, my girlfriend, the perfect lover but above all, a wonderful person. Maybe because of all this, she deserves to be a part of it.

EG: Framed nothing less than at the Dampfer/Scheune, where you usually perform, what can you tell us about your experience on this dancefloor? What makes for you the club, its label, and its crew so special?

I always compare Sisyphos with Wonderland. The feeling as soon as you get in into the club is something magical, unique, something very special. For the artists and of course, for the party people. You have everything you need to be able to spend the whole weekend without having to return home. Good music, non-stop fun, the best pizza in town, incredible people dancing from Friday to Monday… It’s an experience to live if you visit the city. No doubt.

About Dampfer/Scheune, I feel like home every single time that I have to perform there. For me, it has the best sound system of the whole club. It reminds me of the old Warehouses in the UK back in the days. The atmosphere is inexplicable. As I said before, it is an experience that everyone should live. As an artist, it’s a pleasure to perform at Sisyphos. The team which works there is very professional, friendly and makes you feel like home. It’s a pleasure to be able to spread some housy and groovy vibes once in a while.

EG: Multicultural and underground, Berlin is still Germany. As one of the few who have learned the language to integrate into the culture core, what can you tell us about this personal experience? Do you feel comfortable in the city electronic scene?

FreedomB: In exactly one month I will be eight years old living in Berlin. I arrived in January 2012 and since then, many things have happened. More positive than negative to be honest. I consider this place a unique city which today, can’t be compared to any other. At least in Europe. It is not an easy city: the language, the climate, the German culture… I am a person who adapts very well to everything and from the beginning, I never had problems of any kind. Logically I’ve had bad experiences, but well, that’s what life is all about. To enjoy the good things as much we can, and the bad things, to learn from them.

People have always treated me very well since I arrived in the city. I have worked very hard, nobody has given me anything. I feel privileged.  I am very happy to be able to continue one more day in this beautiful city surrounded by people who love me and above all, doing what I like best.

EG: Why FreedomB? Tell us a little more about this aka…

FreedomB: The word Freedom has a very important meaning for me. The need to be free to be able to do, think and act without any kind of restriction. It is something indispensable in my life.  Of course, as long as everyone is respected. The letter ‘B’ comes from the word Beto which is what they called me, and I am still being called by some friends in Spain. FreedomB is the union of both words, which transmits the freedom that I need to live without drowning in a complicated reality/society. Maybe now more than ever, it’s really important, at least for me, to be real, to be free.

EG: You move freely through several clubs and various electronic styles/subgenres, how would you describe your sound according to this ‘freedom of beats’?

FreedomB: My music roots came from jazz, disco and funky. I need groove in my life, not only on the dancefloor. I need to breathe the groove on the street, on the people. Believe me, it’s there, you just need to look for it. So I will say, that if you are on the floor while I’m playing, you will dance a lot and have a good moment. That is what music means to me: pure happiness for your mind, body & soul.

EG: Known for your charismatic personality, as well as for your own career management (business degree earned for that), within an increasingly competitive industry, how do you move as an artist to stand out and, at the same time, keep your feet on the ground?

FreedomB: I’ve always thought that there are two ways to see electronic music. On one hand, as art, and on the other, as a business. Evidently I am aware that we are talking about an artistic expression but perhaps, because of my university past, my way of approaching what I do today is more entrepreneurial. Without forgetting, of course, the artistic dimension of the concept. Like everything in my life, I always try to balance what I do, putting every decision on the scales of life. If it’s positive, continue, if it’s negative, I think twice or just stop.

The other day I read on Instagram: “No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are. How you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything”. I’m just a normal guy with a lot of reasons to be happy, to smile every day, be grateful and the most important, with a lot of energy to spread groove around the dancefloor, around the decks on weekends.

“I need groove in my life, not only on the dancefloor”

EG: A balance of this year cannot ignore the studio and your several productions released, which were the highlights for you? What comes next?

FreedomB: In terms of releases, this year has been exceptional. I have had the opportunity to release on great record labels such as Sola, South Of Saturn, Percomaniacs, UNDR THE RADR, Cr2 Records… I feel very happy with everything that has happened this year and I want to thank all the people who have trusted me and supported my music. It means a lot to me really.

‘Nane’ EP on Sisyphon (Sisyphos’ label) is the last release of the year. For 2020, I will release on Knee Deep In Sound, Flashmob Records, Desert Heart Records, Repopulate Mars, Under No Illusion and many more to be announced soon. Really looking forward!

EG: To close the interview, let’s jump to a short ping-pong questionnaire…

EG: How to get the vibe?
House music all night long.

EG: Cement, marble or wood?
Wood always.

EG: 110 or 140 bpm?
FreedomB: 110 sexy bpm.

EG: Sunrise or sunset?
FreedomB: Sunrise.

EG: A favorite piece of music?
Michael Jackson discography.

FreedomB’s ‘Nane’ is now available. Grab your copy here

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