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GAWP: “It Was Definitely A Huge Cultural Tour As Well As Musical”

GAWP: “It was definitely a huge cultural tour as well as musical”

Having already signed to impressive list of imprints – including  Dirtybird, Elrow, This Ain’t Bristol, Get Twisted, Night Bass, and many more – GAWP’s raw, uncompromising and above all quality house productions have gained support from a huge spectrum of established artists, such as Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, Chris Lake, Billy Kenny, Kyle Watson, Will Clarke, Bot and Eric Morillo.

Recently highlighted as one of DJ Mag’s Ones to Watch for 2018, we had the chance to talk with GAWP after finishing his recent US tour.

Electronic Groove: Hi Gawp, thanks for chatting with us. You had a busy March, what can you tell us about the recent tour?

GAWP: You are welcome. The tour was insane! I think I did 10 flights, 9 gigs, 2 stone in weight and ran on very little sleep as I was up early every day to either head to an airport or go and be a tourist in the city I was visiting.

After visiting some of the most thriving cities in North America it was definitely a huge cultural tour as well as musical. Some of the things I noticed were that US toilets are so much bigger, everyone tips on service everywhere unlike the UK where we have short arms and deep pockets.

The reception from every event and promoter was really good and I felt like I’d known the guy years… The fans were exceptionally great! I had people travel over 4 hours to come as see me play which I personally think is bonkers but I’m grateful nevertheless. I can’t wait to go back!

EG: Did any gig stand out in particular?

GAWP: This Ain’t Bristol and Treehouse Miami was rather special; it wasn’t just a great gig but all the industry friends were there under one roof. This Ain’t Bristol guys really pulled it out the bag on this one with the lineup, there was such a mixed bag of talent who many went back to back and really created a great hype to the crowd.

EG: From the tour, to which city would you like to return and why?

GAWP: Being a bit of a nomad I like to keep rolling but if I was to return it would have to be Miami as there’s so much I wanted to see but my time was short there. I’m also a huge lover of graffiti and creative neighborhoods so the Wynwood Walls would be wicked to go around as each year the artists paint the area and transform the place.

“I’m working on some music with many artists but the one that I’m really happy about is one entitled ‘Chicken Grease’, which I made with Tough Love”

EG: You’ve released on many renowned labels. How would you describe the process from your rookie days to where you are now?

GAWP: You know what it’s no different really on the making music side. For a long time I was sending records and banging on doors trying to get A&R’s to listen to my tracks, but then things did change once I had recognition and had some firm releases under my belt. Now releases are more scheduled and planned where as previous they were just sent out with no plan or campaigns in place. Also now, I always see what the labels are offering in terms of support and how they are going to manage the release as there’s so many I’ve released in the past, where its just been sent out so this is the main difference I think.

EG: In terms of releases, are you working on anything new? Any sneak peeks?

GAWP: I’m working on some music with many artists but the one that I’m really happy about one entitled ‘Chicken Grease’, which I made with Tough Love and has been a firm standout track in my tour sets. Other than that, there are plenty of tracks in my latest mixes which are fresh cuts and unsigned as I like to keep the fans happy with exclusive sets.

Electronic Groove: The summer is around the corner. Do you have any special plans?

GAWP: First thing is to join a gym and get some of this beef off which I imported from the states! Then I have another American tour which I’m putting in place around summer for my return (less food next time) Also I’m just in talks about my Debut Australia and New Zealand Tour too!

EG: Can you share with some of your favorite tracks from the tour?

GAWP: Sure, here are some of my favs:

OMNOM – Fo Free – Dirtybird
Green Velvet, Shiba San – Chance – Relief
ZDS x Will Clarke – The Beat – Dirtybird
Flash 89 – Generate
Steve Darko & Hot Pot – Bop It – House of Bangerz

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