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Giorgia Angiuli: “Music Can Be Very Powerful And It’s Like A Creature That’s Alive”

Giorgia Angiuli: “Music can be very powerful and it’s like a creature that’s alive”

Born in Italy, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. 

While she tours the world and dazzles her fans with her unique style, Giorgia is about to release her debut album ‘In a Pink Bubble’ which channels the artist’s effervescent persona and own bubbly style in a 12 track-long, honest musical expression.

We recently had the chance to chat with her and learn about her life, music, and all things pink.

Electronic Groove: Hi Giorgia! First, we would like to know about your musical background. What was your relationship with music when you were growing up?

Giorgia Angiuli: I grew up in a family of musicians so my life has always been surrounded by music. I studied classical guitar at the conservatory, then I played crossover and new metal in a band for many years, then trip-hop and electronic, and in the last few years I discovered techno music.

EG: You’re from Italy. How has being Italian influenced you as an artist and the music you make?

Giorgia Angiuli: Yes, I am Italian and for sure the fact that I grew up in Italy has influenced who I am and my personality, therefore influencing the way I create music. We are historically known to be creative and imaginative folks and at the same time, we are not known for our precision. Musical production requires discipline and precision, so I had to work quite a lot on my character.

EG: When did you start to make music and what inspired you do start?

Giorgia Angiuli: I started to make music when I was 9 years old. I was inspired by my family as everybody was playing instruments at home so it happened in a natural way and my first teacher was my father.

EG: Many artists are adventurous with their use of raw sampling, however, you use toys in your productions. Can you tell us about the toys you use?

Giorgia Angiuli: I have many different toys for kids, both vintage and modern. Sometimes they are modified with circuit bending, other times I record them with a contact microphone and I add different effects, it depends on the original sound. I have toys that generate mechanical and electronic sounds: toy guns, cute animals, carillon, mini drummer, mini keyboard etc.

“Musical production requires discipline and precision”

EG: What inspired you to start using toys in your work?

Giorgia Angiuli: To be honest I don’t know exactly how it happened or why but I started to collect toys when I was 18 after I left my hometown and moved to Florence. Maybe because I had a strict education at home and my family didn’t want us watching television, so I couldn’t watch all the cartoons I wanted to.

EG: How do you make those toys into instruments for use in a live performance?

Giorgia Angiuli: I’ve learned that is very difficult to have a clean sound of a toy during a live performance, so to avoid feedback and noises I built an audio output to the ones that I use live on stage. This way I can connect them directly to the mixer and I can do a special equalization for the toys. I use them only during the breaks so that there is space for these sounds and the public can recognize the toys clearly.

EG: You have a new album ‘In A Pink Bubble’. You have previously released an EP ‘Pink Bubble/ I Shall Never Forget You’ – both tracks feature on the album. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track ‘Pink Bubble’? Also, why is there such a focus on pink bubbles within this album? Is this an idea of an alternative reality?

Giorgia Angiuli: This title represents my way of being: I feel like I’m in a pink bubble and I will explain what that means. I love colors and pink is the favorite of my mum and mine too. When I was a kid, my room was completely pink and so the vinyl of my album will also be pink. Different artists have studied the connection between music and sound, Skrjabin, Kandinskij etc. Pink in my music and in my life is a color that makes me feel good. It’s an intense one but at the same time is delicate. There are so many different shades of pink, I love it, it’s powerful. The image of the bubble makes me feel light and allows me to float between reality and dreams, between the sky and earth.

EG: We are premiering ‘Music Is Life’ from your album. Can you tell us about the inspiration and influences behind this track?

Giorgia Angiuli: This is a dark techno melodic track. I am in love with this style now, being influenced by producers that I really respect like Patrice Baumel and Anna.

“To be honest I don’t know exactly how it happened or why but I started to collect toys when I was 18 after I left my hometown”

EG: What is the inspiration behind the lyrics you sing on this track?

Giorgia Angiuli: I recorded the sentence ‘Music is Life’ and while I was cutting the voice there was a funny game of words, I was saying something like “Music is life, life kisses music”. I sing only a few lyrics here. I speak about how to be happy enjoying a quiet and peaceful moment, being immobile in the warm water, simply being and following the natural movement of the waves. Music can be very powerful and it’s like a creature that’s alive, with wings. Music can fly and can make you fly with it.

EG: What is in the future for Giorgia Angiuli?

Giorgia Angiuli: I have just finished my new studio, a long project with a professional acoustic treatment and I have 2 wonderful pink Genelec monitors inside. I have always been in trouble with the acoustic, that is one of the most important things for a producer. Now I have finally a good studio and it’s time to improve my skills with mixing and mastering. So I want to study and learn more about these subjects and I really would love to start a parallel live set with my brother, Francesco Angiuli, he’s a double bass player. I have been thinking about it for a long time but I was always too busy. Now I will do my best to work on this second live project too!

Giorgia Angiuli’s ‘In a Pink Bubble’ will be available November 23rd via Stil Vor Talent. Listen/Buy here.

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