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Gladis: “I love expressing myself with music”

Born and raised in Venice, Gladis has always been passionate about electronic music and clubbing. These two passions lead her to pursue her musical career in 2009. Her travels y push to select destinations with cities that are home to the best clubs thus beginning his studies in Barcelona, London, Berlin, and Ibiza where she experienced new realities, expanding her mind and creating a base for her musical training. Her sets are a mix of deep sounds, house, and techno, perfect for her first residency at Tag Club Venice. During that time she shared the console with many international DJs, gaining more and more experience and defining her sound into the new boundaries of avant-garde dance music. Regular guest at Tenax club Florence since 2018 released her very firsts productions on Tenax Recordings and for the dutch vinyl-only label Minimal Movement. Her last EP ‘Singularity’ has released by Inwave Rec.

Fresh off from the drop of her latest single ‘Time & Space’, EG caught up with Gladis to learn more about the release, her origins, inspirations, her latest livestream, and more.

EG: Hello Gladis! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here with us today. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Gladis: Hey guys! I’m great thanks, it’s a pleasure to talk with you too! At the moment, I’m in my hometown, Venice.

EG: To start, how did you first get into electronic music? Was there a record or gig that particularly caught your attention growing up?

Gladis: I started going to clubs when I was a little girl. I remember my friends wanted to go dancing, and actually, I did too, but then I liked watching the DJ mix. I was so fascinated by what he did. One day I had the opportunity to try and mix, in a friend’s studio. About the gig, I have many on my list, but if I had to choose one, I would say Massive Attack, they really drew me in.

EG: Congratulations on the release of your latest single, ‘Time & Space’! What has the initial reception been like? Have you been able to test it out on a dancefloor yet?

Gladis: Thank you! I have received so much positive feedback from a lot of DJs. Sure, I tested it on various occasions and people danced, and they seemed to really appreciate my track. There is no greater satisfaction for those who make music.

EG: This, of course, is a part of H24 Musique’s ‘Love For Ukraine’ compilation. But, it’s not the first time your music gets involved with a cause, as you also participated in Deeplomatic’s ‘Beat It Cancer’. How important is it for artists to speak up, get involved, and help out? Is music meant to be political?

Gladis: Yeah, last year I gave another track on the ‘Beat It Cancer’ compilation. I think that these are good initiatives, although small, but it’s an act that can help someone. I am definitely in favor of initiatives that help others.

“I remember my friends wanted to go dancing, and actually, I did too, but then I liked watching the DJ mix. I was so fascinated by what he did”

EG: How would you say your sound has evolved since your first release?

Gladis: My sound has changed a bit over time. I think it’s normal to update and check out trends, but always within my own music line. I feel eclectic, I don’t focus only on one genre, but my releases, after all, have always been cataloged as ‘minimal house’.

EG: You’ve just recorded a live set at Portopalo di Capopassero, Sicily. What was the experience like? Do you tend to ‘prepare’ your set for occasions like this one?

Gladis: it was a wonderful experience. I was invited by the guys from Rariki and Undercounter, We really enjoyed doing this live set, funny things happened behind the scenes. We had a lot of fun, and we did this live stream in this amazing place.

EG: What’s next for Gladis in the next few months? Do you have new releases planned for the near future?

Gladis: I have some news incoming, but for now I can’t say anything about it :D

But, I can announce my new EP very soon to be released on the label E-numbers, directed by the master Bobby O’ Donnell, who I hold in great esteem. There will be a remix from him included.

EG: Can you mention 3 things that you love about being a DJ/artist?

Gladis: I love expressing myself with music, the feeling of people dancing, traveling, and visiting new places.

EG: Thank you for your time, Gladis! We wish you all the best for the future!

Gladis: Thank you for the talk guys! Greetings and much love to all!

Gladis’ ‘Time & Space’ is out now via H24 Musique. Purchase your copy here.

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