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GRAZZE: “Finally I Can Say That I’m Feeling Completely Comfortable With My Own Sound”

GRAZZE: “Finally I can say that I’m feeling completely comfortable with my own sound”

This artist is in love with music, nature and the magic of the night. He begins his journey into the electronic music scene at the age of 14 after, having studied piano and musical theory. With a degree in sound engineering, GRAZZE specializes in the technical areas of production, mixing and mastering as well as guitar and percussion in the artistic field.

 At the moment he is exploring and developing a more elegant and emotive approach in his deepest side. On the other hand, he is also using more ethnic and dynamic elements as his inspirations for producing “club” sounds.

We had a chat with GRAZZE to talk about this year’s goals, Anjunadeep release and studio focus.

Electronic Groove: Hi GRAZZE, thanks for your time today. You have been involved with music playing piano since an early age. Who influenced you to be interested in this topic?

GRAZZE: Thank you guys, I’m delighted about talking to you. I started learning piano and music theory when I was 6 years old so honestly, it wasn’t my choice. My parents realized that I was obsessed with music since my early years, every concert in the street, buskers, musicians made me be shocked so they decide to join me in a musical school.

EG: Then you showed interest in electronic sounds. What are your early memories about it

GRAZZE: I remember when I was 11/12 years old and some of my older friends listened to some cassettes with electronic and progressive sets of the most important clubs at that moment, 90’s days. Since then I started to listen to electronic music and when I was 14 I decided to join my first DJ course. Also bought my first turntables, mixer and vinyls, one of my favorite ones were the mythical ‘Let The Light Shine In’ by Darrent Tate and Jono Grant or ‘Carte Blanche’ by Veracocha.

EG: You are from Spain but currently living in Dublin, Ireland. What was the reason for this movement?

GRAZZE: I needed to change the atmosphere and try new experiences to be inspired. I’m very connected with nature so Ireland was my first choice because I love its landscapes and green areas. I wanted to be closer to the United Kingdom because my sound, melodic house, is very popular there. Now I’m working with some artists and music labels from London so here I’m closer and traveling there frequently.

In addition, I was so curious about traditional Irish culture because music is one of the most important things in this country, you can find live performances and musicians, every day in any pub, I love this lifestyle and I wanted to explore more and more about them, I’m also learning how to play new instruments as Bodhram or Tin Whistle, all these things are helping me out a lot to improve my ideas and inspiration when I’m working on my new songs.

EG: How would you define your sound?

GRAZZE: Finally I can say that I’m feeling 100% comfortable with my own sound. 2 year ago I was producing sounds with influences from different styles and trying to reach the sound of different labels in order to receive more opportunities to promote my music but I didn’t feel comfortable at all with the final product, something was out of my feelings and I didn’t enjoy the songs completely. However, since last year I started to produce thinking more about my own senses and vibes, enjoying each detail of the track so now I’m very happy with the final sound of each song I’m developing, especially because I feel absolutely identified with them. Also, I’m having very good feedback and support from very important labels and artist which I admired since a long time ago as Anjunadeep, Above & Beyond, Lane 8 or Tube & Berger.

I have been always a melodic producer, harmonies and melodic details are the main essence of my tracks so I love to create deep, progressive or house tracks but always keeping both flying over the drums and bass lines.

“I started to produce thinking more of my own senses and vibes”

EG: How’s 2019 has been for you so far? Can you mention some of your recent releases?

GRAZZE: 2019 has being without a doubt my best year in musical terms. It started very promising with my release ‘Cat & Mouse’ in Armada, later remixed by D-Formation. Also, Stan Kolev was interested to remix my track ‘Lost’ that reached very positive charts results and of course my debut on Anjunadeep releasing ‘Querencia’ included on the VA ‘Anjunadeep 10’, something that was absolutely unexpected and exciting.

EG: Sounds great. What’s planned for the rest of the year?

GRAZZE: Honestly, I’m now very focused on settle my sound during all this year so I will have many more releases, for example on Anjunadeep during the next months. Also, I’m working now in a new collaboration with D-Formation to be released via Beatfreak Recordings. Then in May, I will release a new EP on ZEHN Recordings, Tube & Berger’s new label, including one original song and their remix.

I will also be releasing fresh songs with new labels and other collaborations, definitely will be a very productive year.

EG: In terms of gigs, how your agenda looks like?

GRAZZE: As I commented, I planned 2019 to settle my sound, currently I’m especially focusing all my efforts into the studio. In terms of gigs I have planned to play at Opium Dublin on April 28th with my good friend Nitetales, also in May in Ibiza, and new dates are coming this Summer but to be honest, my priority is work hard in the upcoming releases and collaborations.

EG: Tell us about your Ibiza Global Radio program, how this idea came to reality?

GRAZZE: I’ve been always involved with radio as a parallel project to expose my musical knowledge, the current program is called ‘Sounds of GRAZZE’, but years ago had other names. The program fits really good into the sound of Ibiza Global Radio so they decided to offer me a weekly slot as they were very interested in the project. I want to take this opportunity to thanks Miguel, Jose and all IGR staff for all their kindness, confidence and their interest to support the program since the first day. Besides, this year we are inviting important international guests and also it has been nominated on the ‘Vicious Music Awards’ as Best Radio Show so I’m delighted with all this great news.

“Now I’m very focused on settle my sound during all this year”

EG: What kind of music do you feature on it?

GRAZZE: ‘Sounds Of GRAZZE’ is a radio show where I develop my deepest and most laid back version. The aim of the show is to people listen when they are in their cars, houses or having a peaceful moment in a Saturday afternoon, so my club facet doesn’t tend to be a part of these podcasts. I usually play my own music: new, upcoming and old productions and of course, music from other international and Spanish artists, that send me their promos on a regular basis.

EG: Looking forward, what would you like to achieve this year?

GRAZZE: My main goal this year is to boost the scout of my music, all my work in the studio, upcoming releases, and collaborations. I’m going to release so many songs on different labels and we are going to work very hard in each one to promote them as much as we can. I think the base of an artist is his own music beyond their shows, marketing, and other topics. Maybe next year my priorities will change but now my situation is I’m finally feeling 100% identified and comfortable with my own sound, so I think is time to push all efforts in each track produced because they deserve to be listened, then we’ll evaluate next steps.

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