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Guy J: “It’s Great To Dream Big And Its Greater To Follow Your Dream With Passion And Respect”

Guy J: “It’s great to dream big and its greater to follow your dream with passion and respect”

Initially influenced by his homeland and the worlds of psy-trance and progressive, the artist has grown to embrace all genres and establish a wide-ranging production style that represents the array of emotions fuelling his creativity. Guy’s disregard for boundaries has catapulted his genre-diverse Lost & Found imprint into one of the most highly regarded brands in the underground.

His list of ultra-impressive accolades is extensive and continually growing, yet Guy J remains his emotional and modest self. Guy’s innate sensitivity and strong belief in what you put into this world, you will receive from it; bind him to uncompromising honesty in his relationships, and of course, his music.

We caught up with Guy J to talk about his new EP, ‘Synthopia/Cicada’, and the second edition of wearelo&t festival.

Electronic Groove: Hi Guy and welcome back to EG. Where are you right now and how’s the week looking ahead?

Guy J: Thanks, good to be back. At the moment I’m in Tel Aviv, enjoying the sun and the beautiful city. I’m going to spend some time here with my family and friends to recharge energies.

EG: Lovely! Congratulations on Lost & Found’s 60th release EP. What can you tell us about the inspiration and production behind both tunes ‘Synthopia’ and ‘Cicada’?

Guy J: Thank you very much! ‘Synthopia’ and ‘Cicada’ are kind of parallel to each other. I think ‘Synthopia’ has this “trance” vibe all over it, and ‘Cicada‘ is more laidback and cozy although still very melodic. I wanted the 60th release to be special and make a small statement to confirm that the label is all about music.

EG: Are there any remixes lined up for the EP?

Guy J: Not at the moment, maybe in the future.

EG: When you look back at the first release and how the label has grown and evolved, what are your thoughts? E.g. the recent Sébastien Léger EP has been sitting at the top of the overall Beatport charts for quite some time…

Guy J: I feel very proud and also confident that there are many people who are looking for original music. Sebastien made an amazing EP, he worked hard on it and was very passionate about it. I think the most beautiful part is that the label grew up organically and will keep growing up this way.

EG: As label owner, what challenges have appeared during the journey to its 60th release?

Guy J: It’s the endless challenge of finding music that is original or something that gives you the shivers. I’m never going to release something that I won’t play and I’m glad to be a small part of it. This is how you get really excited before every release, is when you feel you have something special coming out.

EG: Another milestone this year is the second edition of wearelo&t festival at Thuishaven in Amsterdam. Tell us about the lineup selection process behind it.

Guy J: I’m very excited, I must say is time-consuming and also has exposed me to another side of the industry, which is not the one I’m used to. So there is a learning process that I’ll have to go through in order to make sure the crowd and guests have the best time possible.

The lineup will showcase different artists that have released on the label and others that didn’t release yet but that connect with our vision and with the local scene as well.

EG: What can you tell us about the festival in terms of production, sound, and lighting?

Guy J: The main element for me is the music and the fact that we don’t need too many artists, I want every DJ to have at least 2 hours of set time, so they can deliver something unique rather than playing 1 hour. The location in Amsterdam is one of my favorite venues in the world, Thuishaven, the people who run the place does it from the heart and you can feel it since you walk in there. Definitely its a great formula of music and passionate people 🙂

EG: In terms of the festival experience, what are you aiming for?

Guy J: I want the attendees to come and leave with good vibes, having a great time, of course taking care of all the details. We are all here to serve and create memories.

“I think there’s always room for people who does things with passion and honesty”

EG: With so much touring, how do you find time to chill and relax or is it all work?

Guy J: With time you learn how to balance your workflow. I’m still learning and doing it for a few years now. When you are doing something with excitement then time fly by and you can lose track of it. At the moment I’m taking a weekend off every two weeks.

EG: What is your advice for those young kids who are venturing into the world of electronic music

Guy J: I think there’s always room for people who does things with passion and honesty. It’s great to dream big and it’s greater to follow your dreams with passion and respect.

EG: What is the hardest part of being Guy J?

Guy J: Making original music.

Guy J’s ‘Synthopia/Cicada’ are already available. Grab your copy here.

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