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Guy J: ‘So Far The Year Has Been Amazing’

Guy J: ‘So far the year has been amazing’

On the path to becoming one of the premier artists of this electronic generation, Tel Aviv’s Guy J has amassed a vast discography showcased within an eclectic list of world-renowned labels.

Initially influenced by his homeland and the worlds of psy-trance and progressive, Guy J has grown to embrace all genres and establish a wide-ranging production style that represents the array of emotions fuelling his creativity.

We had the chance to exchange a few words with him as he prepares for his sunrise set at Montreal’s AIM Festival as well as his South America Tour.

Electronic Groove: Hi Guy, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell us a bit about your early years and how you became a DJ?

Guy J: My early years were experimenting in the studio and following what I want to do. I started at a very young age and had the privilege to focus on the thing I love most which is electronic music. I loved listening to music and playing music for other people. Then I went to learn how to DJ at the age of 15 and never stopped.

Electronic Groove: Can you name some of your musical influences?

Guy J: I think that by growing up during the 90’s everything was influential, cause even the commercial music was beautiful and great to listen to, but trance and progressive techno were mostly taking my attention.

Electronic Groove: You are part of Montreal’s AIM Festival on July 15. You had the opportunity of playing this music gathering in its first year back in 2015. What do you remember the most?

Guy J: I remember that I was happy to be part of something new in Montreal. I think that a festival like this can have a lot of good influence on the scene and hopefully it can become kind of a movement.

“I think that a festival like AIM can have a lot of good influence on the scene”

Electronic Groove: You’ll be playing after Guy Mantzur. What kind of sounds can we expect from your upcoming performance?

Guy J: Guy Mantzur and I have similar taste in music, but I think because I play around sunrise I might play a bit different than usual 🙂

Electronic Groove: What are your thoughts about Montreal’s fans? Any particular thought about them?

Guy J: Wow, I love coming to Montreal, it has the best club in the world for me… Stereo.

Electronic Groove: How’s your summer agenda looking? Any particular gig you are especially looking forward?

Guy J: Summer looks very good and busy. So far the year has been amazing. I’m looking forward to a lot of things, I have some gigs in South America in July which is always amazing and so I’ll be going to many places that I love.

Electronic Groove: This past March you launched a new experimental label, Armadillo. Your other imprint, Lost & Found has already solidified itself with very successful productions. Why did you have the desire to launch a new label and how will Armadillo differ from Lost & Found?

Guy J: Armadillo is supposed to be a label that releases music that is not related to club music. I want it to be a label that exposes another side of the producers that we know from music that is played in clubs. The idea is to bring names from the progressive, techno, and deep house scene, to do experimental releases on the label. It can be songs, ambient, soundscapes, etc.

“I want Armadillo to be a label that exposes another side of the producers”

Electronic Groove: In terms of releases what’s in the pipeline for Guy J?

Guy J: At the moment I’m working on a new release for Bedrock, as well on a release on microcastle which is one of my favorite labels at the moment!

Electronic Groove: Can you share with our audience some of your favorite tracks on rotation?

Guy J: Sure they are,

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