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HOSH: ‘It Feels Like The Fruits Of Life Are Here Now’

HOSH: ‘It feels like the fruits of life are here now’

He might have been touring the world and turning out essential productions for more than a decade now, but in 2017 HOSH is more vitalized than ever. Part of the reason for this is that the German born artist recently moved to Ibiza. Not in pursuit of the party life, but instead for the natural peace and beauty the White Isle offers. It has meant he has found himself happily locked away, making beats for months and taking a break from touring. Not worried about whatever anyone else is doing, he has instead focussed on what makes him unique, and that is to be equal part DJ and producer.

Having recently released his first album ‘Stories From Sa Talaia we had the chance to talk with HOSH about his latest venture.

Electronic Groove: Hi HOSH thanks for the time to chat with us and congratulations for your new album ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’. How was the production process? Where was recorded?

HOSH: Thanks guys. The album was recorded in Ibiza. The production process was split into two parts. Most of the creative part I did last year in a tiny bedroom with a minimal set up of a few synths, drum machine and an old broadcast mixer. I recorded stuff in sessions mainly jamming and let myself loose. I had quite a flow and was working with a very good intense spirit. If I didn’t feel it I left the room. If an idea didn’t convince right away I let it go and jumped onto the next one. The outcome was 23 ideas. They were all creatively quite finished and also structure and arrangement was roughly there due to that I recorded it that way. After I had the tracks together and saw the story I build a new studio in the winter and then took the tracks there for mixdown. I used more high-end gear for this. I built chains of equipment for groups and used throughout all the album tracks. This way it was easy to give it also soundwise an own identity.

EG: On the album you have important collaborations by some renowned names like Pig&Dan, Lehar, Tim Engelhardt and others. How did you feel to work with such group of talents?

HOSH: All acts involved are ones I personally know and respect a lot. I asked them to send over loops or rough ideas so I could take it from there. I basically remixed those ideas. I wanted some flavors that you would hear in a HOSH set and usually wouldn’t come up with myself. That’s why I asked a quite broad group of collaborators. It worked out super well. Now I have that flavor but it still has my signature on top.

EG: ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ is going to be released on your new label, Fryhide. What was the reason to create your own imprint?

HOSH: Since everything about this project is a bit different it’s hard to release it in normal label structures. Starting with a free download mix that’s for example not very attractive for a label. Also, the idea to split the album for DJ’s into 4 EP’s is almost impossible without your own label. This would block already basically a quarter of all annual releases with a label that do releases monthly. So eventually the idea to create an own brand for this was very logic.

EG: Your latest release ‘Karma’ on Diynamic Music reached #1 Techno charts. What was the inspiration for this one?

HOSH: After the album was finished I wanted to do something very different. In the album, for example, I didn’t want tracks that stand out to bombish from the rest, and I wanted this to be also more of a timeless affair. ‘Karma’ is a very now sound and due to its elements is more obvious. That’s why this worked out so well, it’s amazing. I must say I’m impressed. I believe chart wise it’s my most successful track till date.

EG: Talking about Diynamic. What are your thoughts about the label’s evolution reaching worldwide recognition. Do you consider them as your family?

HOSH: Definitely, I’ve talked many times about how special our bond is and what we have achieved together. I wouldn’t be where I am without Diynamic.

EG: What are your plans for this upcoming summer? Any special gig you are looking for?

HOSH: I am especially looking forward to the ‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ album tour and also our yearly special Diynamic events. Next will be fryhide events. These are going to be interesting as well.

EG: You just became a father and moved to Ibiza. How do you feel at the moment?

HOSH: I couldn’t feel better. It’s a feeling you will only understand as a father. In the past when people said that to me I always used to smile a bit, but it’s really true. Despite that it’s also really ‘stressy’ and obviously takes a lot of time. We also have two puppies now and to get a simple interview timed is already quite a task. But I must say I am extremely happy and my life really got so rich. It feels like the fruits of life are here now ?

EG: What’s the one possession you won’t go on tour without?

HOSH: I am wearing a bracelet from my grandmother and a necklace from my grandpa. It’s my protection. Besides that, my Bose headphones for flights and my sunglasses.

‘Stories From Sa Talaia’ is available now on fryhide. Grab your copy here.

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