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Hosini: “I Have Quite A Broad Taste In Music So Experimenting With New Sounds Is Something I Have Always Been Doing”

Hosini: “I have quite a broad taste in music so experimenting with new sounds is something I have always been doing”

Anjunadeep’s famed compilation series has returned for the tenth edition, with label heads James Grant and Jody Wisternoff selecting an eclectic mix of deep sounds amongst the releases 20 tracks. The carefully crafted VA collects exclusive cuts from some of the scenes most exciting up & coming producers, as well as new work from Anjunadeep’s regulars such as Yotto, Lane 8, and Luttrell.

Hosini is a name that will surely be familiar to the label’s dedicated fan base. The Swedish producer’s mastery of simmering grooves and sparkling melodies was first on display with this 2017 Anjunadeep debut, the Syna EP. The percussive dubby track Laomedeia was a Burning Man hit, receiving spins from Gab Rhome, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, and Dom Donnelly.

The title track from the EP, Syna, was selected by the label’s head honchos to feature on the previous edition of the VA series, Anjunadeep 9. Since then, Hosini has expanded his reach with projects appearing on Shanti Radio Moscow and XYZ. With this week’s Anjunadeep 10 release, we finally see the return of Hosini to the Anjuna family. Collaborating with All Day I Dream and Anjunadeep mainstay Modd, Swallow’s Nest is an ethereal gem with organic melodies and a punchy kick.

We caught up with Hosini to talk about the release, the unique world of Anjuna, and what we can expect from the Stockholm-based up & comer as he continues his ascent.

Electronic Groove: Hi Rebin, thanks for chatting with us today. Congrats on the release of Swallow’s Nest!

Hosini: My pleasure, thank you!

EG: How did you and Modd begin working together?

Hosini: Actually we started talking through social media, and the process of making something just together came naturally.

EG: What appeals to you about making tracks with other producers? Are you working on any other collaborations at the moment?

Hosini: I feel that it’s important that all collaborators contribute with something that is unique from their sound while still giving the impression that the track is made from one artist which can be challenging. A benefit with collaborating is that it’s harder to get ‘writers block’ since you are able to have other artists pushing the track forward when you hit a creative lapse, which happens to all producers during the process.

EG: What differentiates Anjunadeep from other big labels in the industry?

Hosini: They have a really dedicated fanbase. Anjuna fans are the most loyal out there, and they support everything the label puts out really well. Also, they are releasing frequently while still keeping the essential sound/vibe of the label which can be difficult in today’s industry.

“It’s important that all collaborators contribute with something that is unique from their sound”

EG: What are the challenges involved with launching a career in dance music from smaller markets, such as your hometown Stockholm?

Hosini: It’s hard to compare to other markets since I have just experienced it from Sweden. I grew up in a town outside of Stockholm and did not know anyone working with music, so when moving to Stockholm it felt like the scene was huge. Now, when comparing it to other cities, the scene seems to be really small. I guess it’s all relative but it feels like the scene has been growing the last couple of years. The challenge in launching a career in a small market would be to find relevant people in the industry to connect with.

EG: Your most recent project, the Soul Search EP [XYZ], touched on several different vibes and influences within the underground spectrum. How has your production process & musical influences led to such a diverse set of tracks?

Hosini: For this EP I wanted to experiment with different sounds while keeping some of the sounds from my previous tracks which mostly is reflected in the track ‘Syd’. My production process has not changed that much since I began making music. I have quite a broad taste in music so experimenting with new sounds is something I have always been doing, but not necessarily something I had released yet.

EG: What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of the studio?

Hosini: I have a background in Machine Learning, so I like to experiment with new technologies within the area. Other than that, I try to hang out with friends, catch a movie, or just be outside in the nature (the few times its not freezing cold here in Sweden).

EG: We’ve heard rumors of a Hosini live set in development. When might we hope to see you on the road?

Hosini: Hopefully soon but right now my main focus is put on producing music.

EG: Thanks for stopping by Rebin, hope to catch up again soon!

Hosini: Thank you for having me!

Anjunadeep 10 is already available. Buy and stream here

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