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Hot Since 82: “I Just Write Music Whenever I Am Inspired, No Matter Where In The World I Am”

Hot Since 82: “I just write music whenever I am inspired, no matter where in the world I am”

British deep/tech-house DJ and producer Daley Padley has achieved a remarkable amount of success under the name Hot Since 82. His tracks are energetic and a touch dramatic, yet smooth and not over-produced, and perfectly tailored for clubs and dance festivals. Now currently running his own label ‘Knee Deep In Sound’ he just released his new LP entitled ‘8-track’.

Electronic Groove: Hi Daley. Congratulation on the release of your LP ‘8-track’. How do you personally feel about this milestone? 

 Hot Since 82:  Incredibly happy! Over the moon! It has been a really long time coming, so I was excited to see what my fans would think and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It has exceeded my expectations.

EG: What would you say was the hardest part of producing the LP? 

 Hot Since 82:  The whole process was very emotional. I lost a very close friend of mine a couple of years ago and writing this album was part of the healing process, and on some level, a therapy for me.

EG: What was the inspiration behind it? Where did you produce it? 

 Hot Since 82:  As I said, it all stemmed from a very difficult point in my life a few years ago, so each track is inspired by that. I produced it all over the place! From a bullet train in Japan to a flight to New York, to back in Leeds in a studio. I just write music whenever I am inspired, no matter where in the world I am, really.

EG: Did it come to a halt at some point? If so, how did you overcome it?

 Hot Since 82: Well it didn’t really ever come to a complete halt but the whole process did take about three years. It was hard at times due to the deep emotion behind it but the writing process also helped me a lot to overcome my feelings at the time.

“The response to ‘8-track’ has been overwhelmingly positive”

EG: Some of the proceedings are donated to Mind. Why did you choose to work with them? 

Hot Since 82: ‘Mind’ was the charity chosen by the parents of my friend that passed away. I wanted to contribute as much as I could given the inspiration behind this project.

EG: Do you have a favorite track on the LP? Why?  

Hot Since 82: The most special track to me on the LP is actually a secret one on the long-player called ‘Rest your Head’ which I wrote a week after he passed. It is much more toned-down and captured the strong sense of loss I felt at the time. However, the track aptly titled ‘Therapy’ is something I’m incredibly proud of.


EG: How do you balance working on a project like this with touring? How do you deal with the pressure of producing? 

Hot Since 82: Having balance in my life is important. The music industry will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t find time for yourself. I am lucky to have a good home life and work life, and great people around me so I am in a strong place, ready to take it all on. I make sure I leave some time for myself to keep me sane!

EG: Summer is in full course. Are there gigs you’re looking forward to? Any special ones?

Hot Since 82: They are all special! I love touring. Every gig I do is important to me as it means I get to make all my fans happy.

“The music industry will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t find time for yourself”

EG: You seem to be quite connected with your audience wherever you perform. Do you prefer more intimate crowds compared to the larger festival stages? Does your performance change in any way, depending on the size of an audience?

Hot Since 82:  Festivals are great but you can’t beat an intimate venue, that can be so very special.

EG: Do you have any activities you like to do outside of music? How do you find time for yourself?

Hot Since 82:  As I said, balance is the key to life, so time for myself in important. I am in the studio a lot but when I am not there I am cooking, walking the dog and making sure I am keeping active with a gym session or a run. Living healthy is needed for a lifestyle like mine and I love it!

Hot Since 82’s ‘8-track’ is already available. Stream and buy here.

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