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Innacircle: “The Inspiration For Our Latest EP Draws From Our Love For Dark And Brooding Atmospheres”

Innacircle: “The inspiration for our latest EP draws from our love for dark and brooding atmospheres”

Hailing from Hamburg, Innacircle is one of the most exciting live acts to emerge in 2018. We talked with Noa Kreimeyer and Lucas Völkel about their most recent EP ‘Seeipora’ published on Somatic Records.

Electronic Groove: Hi, guys. Can you give our readers some insight on your initial days in music? And how you got interested in electronic music?

Innacircle: Hello all! Music has always been of great interest to both of us. Noa started very early with formal piano lessons while Lucas learned the saxophone and became a musical conductor. Dubstep and hip hop got us interested in electronic music and soon we fell in love with techno and deep house. Early on we produced under individual aliases Noa and Samoan but later we found each other working and creating music together as Innacircle.

EG: How did you guys meet and when did you decide to start working together?

Innacircle: We became friends in school and shared our first flat together during university. It was a messy time filled with lots of music and love. Back then we started producing individually but soon realized that we work really well together .

EG: You have a new release coming out on Somatic Records. What can you tell us about the inspiration and production process behind it? 

Innacircle: The inspiration for our latest EP draws from our love for dark and brooding atmospheres. The names of the track all relate to certain figures in Mythology.

EG: What can you tell us about Somatic Records? How did your relationship develop ?

Innacircle: In our podcast for Progressive Astronaut site we played ‘Riesen-Perpetual’ (Strinner Remix), a solid track released on Somatic Records, and shortly after its owner, Steve Pegram, contacted us. A very positive relationship developed with him presenting our track ‘Freya’, which eventually became part of the ‘Underground Frequencies Compilation’. It’s so great to work with Steve and his team and we are happy to debut with ‘Seeipora’ on Somatic Records.

EG: Are there any remixes tied to the release?

Innacircle: Yes, we are proud to have Strinner on board, having done a massive remix of ‘Seeipora’. He is and has been for a while one of our favorite artists and we love that he has given his magic touch to our original track.

EG: In terms of musical arrangements, who does what?

Innacircle: There is no clear distinction on who does what but if we had to assign roles, Noa is definitely the guy for melodies and harmonies, whilst Lucas is more into rhythm and beats.

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any new releases or gigs you are looking forward too?

Innacircle: Recently we signed up with a new booking agency called ‘Rebellion-der-Träumer’. Right now we are on our way to Zurich to perform a two and a half hour live-set. Mid-December we’ve been invited to play at Dubai’s Solace Event. We also have a gig on Christmas Day where we will head north to Flensburg to perform alongside ‘Gallya’ at the infamous ‘Kühlhaus’.

EG: How is 2019 looking?

Innacircle: 2019 already is looking great for us. We are currently negotiating potential live performances on Ibiza and at the Canary Islands. We are also going to play a brand new live-set at Berlin’s ‘Katerblau’ in February. This covers only our immediate activities with many more gigs to come. Looking ahead really puts a smile on our face. We hope to see you soon at one of our events.

Innacircle’s ‘Seeipora’ is already available on Somatic Records. Grab your copy here.

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