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IZHY’s forest reverie: Music as a path to nature’s healing

Hailing from  Buenos Aires, DJ and producer IZHY is passionate about blending organic sounds with electronic music.

IZHY’s unique sound, fusing global rhythms and electronic beats, highlights his production skills. Since starting his career in 2017, he has garnered support from notable artists like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, and Goldcap, and released his debut track on KORA’s label, Saisons Musique.

In 2021, IZHY launched ‘GRITO DEL SUR,’ a project uniting bio-builders and music producers to support Andean communities affected by forest fires. His performances in Barcelona, Andorra, and Ibiza, including venues like Las Dalias and The Soundgarden, showcase his ability to create immersive musical experiences.

This interview delves into IZHY’s latest project, a captivating set filmed in the Miramar Energetic Forest. He shares the inspiration behind this project, the impact of recent events on his work, and his vision for integrating technology and nature in his music. Join us as we explore the story behind the artist’s latest creative endeavor.

EG: Hi IZHY, how are you today? Where are you right now?

IZHY: Hello, I am very happy and excited to chat with you! Now here in Ibiza in a special cottage where I have my studio in the North of the island.

EG: Let’s talk about your latest project. What inspired you to film a set in the forest? What emotions or messages were you hoping to convey through this session?

IZHY: The decision to film in the forest was driven by my deep connection with nature and the inspiration I find in that environment. The forest is a sacred place for me, where I can feel completely connected to the earth.

As for the session, I wanted to convey a personal and profound message. I carefully selected the musical tracks to reflect the central mission of this adventure: to showcase the natural power of the forest to regenerate itself. I wanted to capture the beauty and healing capacity of the forest, and music became the perfect tool to express this story of renewal and connection with nature.

EG: What significance does the forest hold for you personally and artistically? How has it influenced your music?

IZHY: The Miramar Energetic Forest holds a very special meaning for me, both personally and artistically. Since my childhood, this place has been a source of mystical stories and unique energy. Additionally, it used to be the destination for our family vacations, where I would lose myself among its trees and corners, deeply connecting with nature until reaching the sea. It was an adventure that completely rejuvenated me.

When I started playing the flute, this forest became my creative refuge. I would spend hours practicing among its trees, letting the music flow through me. It was here that I first heard my own melodies, where I found my musical voice. The Miramar Energetic Forest has been a constant inspiration in my music, infusing it with the same magic and connection that I experience every time I am there.

EG: The forest experienced a devastating fire in January 2022. How did this impact your decision to perform in this location, and how do you think it shaped the overall experience?

IZHY: The forest’s experience with a devastating fire in January 2022 deeply impacted my decision to perform there. Knowing what happened fueled a strong desire within me to contribute positively to its self-recovery and to sow hope. Since learning about the event, I’ve dreamt of participating in something that could bring comfort and renewal to this special place. I truly believe that through music and art, we can build a bridge to help restore and uplift the spirit of nature.

“We took a trip to the burnt area with our cameras and recording equipment to capture the essence of the forest’s struggle. The experience was intense, but it was important to gather those sounds, those textures, which would later become a crucial part of the project”

EG: How did your collaboration with Cola de Zorro Films come about for this video? What was the creative process like working with them?

IZHY: My collaboration with Cola de Zorro Films came about in a truly special way. Just before I moved to Europe, I had an incredible encounter. While I was on the beach near the forest, I spoke with the chief of the volunteer firefighters who had been at the forefront of battling the fire. His story was incredibly moving and inspiring – how they fought against the flames that spread alarmingly fast due to the windy conditions.

During our chat, a friend mentioned this film crew, which felt like fate. Within days, we were already planning our collaboration. We all felt that there was a story here that needed to be told, an opportunity to show the world what had happened and the resilience of the forest.

Part of the idea behind the project was to document and create audiovisual effects that would reinforce this message. We took a trip to the burnt area with our cameras and recording equipment to capture the essence of the forest’s struggle. The experience was intense, but it was important to gather those sounds, those textures, which would later become a crucial part of the project.

EG: What equipment did you use during the session in the forest? Did the unique setting influence your choice of instruments?

IZHY: During the forest session, I relied on whatever equipment was readily available, embracing the improvisational nature of the experience. This included keyboards for triggering flute samples, synthesizers, and loops to enhance the mixing. The unique ambiance of the forest greatly influenced my choice of instruments, as I aimed to capture its organic essence while blending in electronic elements for a more immersive sonic landscape.

EG: Your music blends organic and melodic elements with various influences. How did your travels and different genres inspire your current sound?

IZHY: This question is really interesting because my travels greatly impact my music. It’s like each trip becomes a soundtrack for my adventures. That’s why I mix different kinds of electronic music – sometimes my travels are slow and peaceful, while others are fast-paced and exciting. So, everything you hear in my music is like a snapshot of my daily life’s journey.

EG: The flute played a notable role in your forest session. Can you share how you learned to play this instrument and how it fits into your musical vision?

IZHY: My connection with the flute is quite profound. It was the first instrument I learned to play, holding a special place in my heart. I started playing and recording myself in the forest with my Tascam recorder. As I’m crafting my first tracks with it, I’m fascinated by how it blends with electronic sounds. I believe it forms a bridge between the ancestral and the futuristic, adding a unique dimension to my musical vision.

EG: Through your ‘GRITO DEL SUR’ project, you aimed to raise awareness about communities affected by forest fires. How does the forest session video align with this goal?

IZHY: The ‘Grito del Sur’ project was a collaborative effort that I spearheaded alongside an exceptional group of producers and artists I now consider part of my musical family. A sense of community and service are fundamental pillars of my creative process. With this project, our aim was to highlight the importance of protecting communities affected by forest fires.

In the forest session video, we sought to align our message with this goal. We aimed to convey the urgent need to care for and preserve our forests. Forests are fragile ecosystems that require our attention and respect. Therefore, we emphasized the importance of refraining from making fires in unauthorized areas, as this can trigger devastating forest fires, mostly caused by irresponsible human actions.

Through the music and imagery of the forest session, we hope to inspire the audience to take concrete steps to protect our forests and the communities that depend on them. We believe that by raising awareness about this issue, we can work together to preserve our natural resources and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

“I hope viewers will gain awareness and find hope through watching my video session. I aim to showcase nature’s remarkable ability to heal itself and demonstrate its ongoing evolution”

EG: What do you hope viewers will take away from watching your video session? How do you want them to feel or react?

IZHY: I hope viewers will gain awareness and find hope through watching my video session. I aim to showcase nature’s remarkable ability to heal itself and demonstrate its ongoing evolution. When I speak about caring for nature, I also emphasize the importance of caring for ourselves and the environment that sustains us.

EG: What future projects are you working on, and how do you plan to continue bridging technology and nature in your music and performances?

IZHY: At the moment, I’m immersed in creating new tracks that blend various realms, including technology, ancestral wisdom, and meditative elements. For instance, I’m drawing inspiration from the stories of ancient Egypt, a civilization deeply connected to nature, which they revered as their true deity.

In my performances, I aspire to transport people to these realms where they can connect with these diverse influences. I want my music to serve as a bridge, inviting listeners to journey through time and space, embracing the harmony between technology and nature.

EG: Thanks for your time, and all the best!

IZHY: All the best to you too, friends. I, too, feel super grateful!

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