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Jackmaster: “Detroit And Chicago Have A Special Place In My Heart”

Jackmaster: “Detroit and Chicago have a special place in my heart”

Over the last years, Jackmaster, aka Glasgow’s Jack Revill, has established himself as one of the most admired and in demand DJs in the world.

A product of the underground, his independent spirit remains intact, while he is equally at home sharing centre-stage with the likes of Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones at DC10 in Ibiza or Ben UFO and Mike Servito at a Numbers warehouse party in London. His lack of musical prejudice, and open-minded approach and ability to adapt to any given situation, underpinned by a knowledge of underground house and techno bordering on the obsessive, are just some of the reasons why year after year he has retained his popularity with the masses. An equally important factor is his wide-ranging taste, and ability to surprise: something that makes it impossible to know for certain which musical direction his sets will take. It is also worth pointing out that Jackmaster is one of a handful of DJs on the international scene who has remained at the top without the need to produce or remix, relying almost exclusively on his innate skills and talent on the decks to thrive and prosper. You never know exactly what you’re going to hear with Jackmaster.

We had the chance to talk with him as he’s starting today a 12-gig tour through the United States.

Electronic Groove: Hi Jackmaster, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You are about to embark on your first ‘Mastermix’ US tour. What are your expectations on this one?

Jackmaster: Thanks for having me. It’s really weird but an exciting feeling to be doing this tour! What all started with a mixtape back in 2009 has now ended up in becoming an 11-date tour through the US. It’s a huge deal and feels amazing to be doing this but it all seems a bit mad still when I think about it.

EG: What’s the ‘Mastermix’ concept’? Can you name some of the guests you are playing with during the tour?

Jackmaster: As I said Mastermix has naturally turned into an event series from a mix I did yearly. We’ve done a bunch of shows in the UK and throughout Europe but nothing on the scale of this tour. On these dates there are some amazing acts joining me; from those that inspired me when I was working at Rubadub as a kid as well as some good friends I’ve made whilst touring. Booking E-Dance was a prime example of one of my early influences. That’s a big one ticked off the list. Then we have Honey Dijon who’s just a huge inspiration in general, the don Marcelus Pittman, my bro tags and so many more.

EG: You are playing in 11 different United States cities. Is there any in particular. Are you looking forward to play at?

Jackmaster: I wouldn’t say any were more important than the other but Detroit and Chicago have a special place in my heart. Detroit is a big one for me. My dad used to sit me down in front of the stereo and play me Motown stuff when I was a wee lad then when I started working in my local record shop Rubadub, it was all about Detroit techno. Guys like Mad Mike, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Juan Atkins are huge heroes of mine. As for Chicago, where do I start? The Dance Mania label probably dominates my record collection over any other.

EG: You had a very busy Summer, can you mention a few party highlights?

Jackmaster: That’s an easy one, my residency at Circoloco at DC-10 Ibiza. Some of the best gigs I’ve done over the summer and I think I’m still not entirely over it. Was even better to go back to back with my good friend Jasper James for a set on the terrace, it was something we had talked about years ago when we were on that very dancefloor and this year it finally happened. That was a pinch yourself moment.

EG: You are also playing 4 dates at London’s Phonox. What’s special about this place? Are you playing all night long or with other guests?

Jackmaster: I’m doing 4 Sundays in a row if I make it back after this US tour!
Starting with Jasper James on the 26th November – who obviously did his yearlong residency there a while back. I’ve got some wicked acts coming along – Head High aka Shed, Harri & Dominic from Subculture, Willow, Eli Escobar, Krystal Klear, Peach and more top secret stuff to be added.

EG: If you ever find time to unwind, what do you like to hear?

Jackmaster: It totally depends on my mood, but I love all kinds of stuff from old Motown and old disco to experimental electronics and composers like Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

EG: Can you name 3 must-bring items when touring?

Jackmaster: My tour manager Alex, my phone and a big old bag of good records. We need to give a notable mention to clean underwear though!

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