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Jimi Jules: “Life and all its little details are my main influence”

Anyone who’s caught Jimi Jules do his thing will be acutely aware of the man’s talents. A native of Switzerland, he’s become embraced over the past few years all around the world, with virtually every great club and festival enthralled by his sumptuous sounds. By now a form fixture at Innervisions (where he recently released his latest epic EP), he’s due to play at the label’s Rakastella party this month in Miami.

We caught up with Jimi Jules to learn more about his upcoming Rakastella presentation, the release of his new single for Innervisions, and learn more about what’s happening in his world…

EG: Hey Jimi! How are you, how has 2021 been for you?

Jimi Jules: Hello all, 2021 was an amazing year for me actually. I worked hard during the lockdown and as soon as the curtains opened everywhere I was happy to go back on tour to show what I was cooking in my basement.

EG: How was the pandemic for you and what effect did it have on your music taste and style?

Jimi Jules: Honestly, I didn’t have that much time to listen to music, I was busy working in the studio and playing with my three kids. But hell yeah, it was a ride to get to know my friends from a different perspective.

EG: It’s been seven years since your huge collab with Oliver $ – do you still have to play it at your gigs? Is it a blessing or a curse having such a big tune?

Jimi Jules: No, I don’t play it anymore. I have too many demos to roadtest but yes, it was definitely a blessing to have a tune like this. I really love thinking about this moment, being 25, just graduating from university, my girlfriend giving birth to our first kid and the money problems you have at that age. So careerwise, I maybe wouldn’t be here, playing at Rakastella without it. I’d probably be working as a runner at the same event ;)

EG: How has your style evolved since then, and what has inspired or influenced that evolution?

Jimi Jules: This is a tough question for me. I still do the same since the beginning. I’m always searching for new interesting sounds and am always trying to have a good moment while doing music. Life and all its little details are my main influence, so this stayed the same too.

“The best tip to get some things signed on Innervisions
is to be yourself”

EG: Your new track ‘My City’s on Fire’  is now available via Innervisions – what is the title a reference to? And what inspired the tune itself?

Jimi Jules: The inspiration of the song was born during the first lockdown and events that took place during that time. It was important to me to pick up this energy and to transport it through the track. With the message that exchange, togetherness, social contacts are the basis of development and learning.

EG: The new track is part of your fourth EP for the label – how much does it mean to you to work with Innervisions?

Jimi Jules: In my opinion, it works so well for me on the label, because they have kind of the same vision as me: be kind, try to show your best, work hard and always try to find something new, interesting, strange, awkward, and go further. All in all the best tip to get some things signed on Innervisions is to be yourself.

EG: What gear do you use in the studio, and does that matter to you?

Jimi Jules: No, the gear doesn’t matter for me, I can literally produce music with everything. It’s about the idea and the message in the music from my perspective. I still use my 11-year-old computer and most of the instruments I have at my studio are garbage, self-made, found, gifts, or bought for 20-70bucks from Ricardo (the swiss eBay). The only thing I bought for a lot of money is an old Roland RE-501 (1year ago from the band DOP).

EG: You will play at Rakastella on December 4th  – what should people expect from you?

Jimi Jules: I never know what I’m playing before a gig, the only thing I know is that I will give my best to find the best music on my hard drive to rock the stage.

“The gear doesn’t matter for me, I can literally produce music with everything. It’s about the idea and the message in the music from my perspective”

EG: What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Jimi Jules: The next few releases will be some singles related to my forthcoming album called ‘+’ on Innervisions. And I’m working on becoming a better person every day ;)

EG: Before we let you go, what hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

Jimi Jules: Eating gorgonzola pizza with Anouk and my kids, after a long day in the studio with Four Tet and Kalabrese!

Jimi Jules will play at Rakastella on December 4th in Miami. Grab your tickets here.

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