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Joachim Pastor: “There is more, there is a greater message”

To Joachim Pastor, music isn’t about the hypes, trends, or the weekly special. The French DJ, producer, and Hungry Music founder has been casting aside music world mania in favor of a timeless sound since first breaking into the scene, and the upcoming release of his debut album sees the recent Armada Music signee push into a new chapter with that exact trademark.

Ahead of his debut album via Armada Music which comes out on September 3rd, the artist talks with us about producing the record and the challenges involved.

Electronic Groove: Hey Joachim! So nice to have you with us for a quick chat. How are you doing? How are things in France now?

Joachim Pastor: Hey, nice to be here! Well, for France, I’d say probably as sad as the rest of the world at the moment, as a lot of people can’t attend cultural events. At the same time, we have festivals and clubs open for now, so let’s see what happens next!

Electronic Groove: Tell us a bit about your musical background. At what age did you first get acquainted with the production side of music and what made you want to pursue a career in this?

Joachim Pastor: I started music when I was 4 years old, I did about 13 years of conservatory. I’ve always loved music, and I’ve never stopped making it. I started ‘playing’ music-making software on my PlayStation 1. When I turned 14, I started making music so I could have backing tracks and record myself playing guitar. Then I started doing electronic stuff, and I finished my studies but never actually worked outside of music.

Electronic Groove: In your own words, how would you describe your sound? What kind of ‘magic’ do you try to encapsulate in each track?

Joachim Pastor: I want each track to have a soul, to be individual. I’d say my sound is organic, and warm, it has the energy of electronic beats and the emotions and feelings of melodies.

Electronic Groove: Today you’ve launched your strongly anticipated debut album ‘Greater Message’. What’s the inspiration behind the album and where does the name ‘Greater Message’ come from?

Joachim Pastor: It means that we are part of something that we cannot understand. Nowadays, everyone thinks we know it all, and that we are the center of everything. There is more, there is a greater message.

“I want each track to have a soul, to be individual”

 Electronic Groove: Did the lockdown situation have any influence on the creative process for this project?

Joachim Pastor: I’d say the hardest part was to not be able to play live and get the energy from the crowd. I do base a lot of my music on the live performance, where I take ideas and test them live, then decide if I make it a full track or not.

Electronic Groove: How is ‘Greater Message’ different from your previous work? In what ways do you feel you’ve grown, musically speaking?

Joachim Pastor: I’d say my music is the same, but it’s more mature. I’ve always stayed true to what I like, to my inspiration. I do my best to never make the same music twice, and yet I keep that rule: always do something you love, no matter the trends, no matter what people will think. To me, that is how art should be made: independent from trends and what sells.

Electronic Groove: What has been the initial reaction from fellow artists and friends on this debut album? Is there a specific track on the album that stood out in terms of the feedback you’ve received so far?

Joachim Pastor: It has been great, people really seem to enjoy it. What is interesting is that people all like different stuff. There are a few tracks that stand out, like ‘Greater Message’, ‘Wardenclyffe’, ‘By Your Side’, etc… Overall it’s a pretty eclectic response I am getting so far, and I think it’s great.

Electronic Groove: How do you usually approach the creation of a new track? What element do you usually start with?

Joachim Pastor: I always start with the melodies, the chords. It’s what gives the feeling and the atmosphere of the track. The beat comes later to ‘confirm’ these emotions.

“It’s interesting that I actually try to detach from the world and be in a more neutral state of mind so that
emotions are freer”

 Electronic Groove: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you have any particular rituals and/or do surroundings play a part in your production mood?

Joachim Pastor: I usually just get in the studio and try to do something beautiful. It’s interesting that I actually try to detach from the world and be in a more neutral state of mind so that emotions are freer. Maybe that’s why my music is a pretty wide spectrum of sound and emotions.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any artist friends or colleagues that we should keep an eye out for?

Joachim Pastor: Of course, you should keep an eye for NTO, Stereoclip, and Teho, you’ll see really great albums coming from them. Querox also, in a different style of music, has really impressed me lately.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any events lined up for the coming months? Will you be presenting ‘Greater Message’ in a live setting?

Joachim Pastor: Yes I do have tours for all of September and the following month. I actually play in Turkey on the day of the release, I’m excited to be testing all these new tracks with actual humans in front of me!

Joachim Pastor’s ‘Greater Message’ is now available. Stream and buy here.

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