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Joe Foxton: “The Scene In New York Is Booming Right Now”

Joe Foxton: “The scene in New York is booming right now”

For two decades Joe Foxton has made his mark on the New York scene as one of the representative faces of the underground. Also, he is co-founder of the infamous Fiction NYC boat parties, Fiction Lab blog, Frisson, and Antidote series, as well as playing alongside some of the industries finest including Job Jobse, Ripperton and Sammy Dee. His dynamic sets consistently deliver an innovative and nuanced musical experience infused with melody and hypnotic beats.

We had the chance to chat with Joe Foxton to talk about Fiction NYC and his next month’s plans.

Electronic Groove: Hi Joe, thanks for your time. You’re originally from Australia but currently living in New York. Does your hometown have any influence on your music and what you do?

Joe Foxton: Hello EG! Yes, for sure. In the 90’s the club scene there was really nice – small, but nice. I used to hang out at a place called Club 77 which had a great techno night and is what inspired me to buy a set of Technics 1200 all those years back. That venue is still open – I went back there this year while visiting family in Sydney, and it’s as great as ever. We have been lucky to catch Honey Dijon who was playing the night we went!

There’s some great music coming out of Australia right now. We’ve been following the scene on our blog Fiction Lab. We’ve asked some Australian Djs to do mixes for Fiction Lab Australia, and they are really good. You can check out some of the mixes here:

EG: You’re a founder of Fiction NYC. What can you tell us about the collective’s initial intentions and the evolution of it up to date?

Joe Foxton: Our initial intention was to host intimate events for music heads, and that’s still our intention for every event we do. We love intimate parties. Great artists do really special things in intimate spaces when they know the sound is great and the crowd has an open mind. Our team also love to bring artists that we think are under-hyped in the U.S. It’s a great feeling to be able to introduce these artists to New York and in turn to present amazing talent to New Yorkers that chances are they aren’t as familiar with.

EG: What is Fiction currently working on?

Joe Foxton: Currently we’re focusing all our efforts on our annual boat party season which is getting very close. We have three Fiction Sunset Cruises lined up with Baikal, Davis, The Drifter, Love Over Entropy and a special guest to be announced soon. We also just started a new event series called ‘Antidote’ which is our super comfy intimate series at The Paper Box in Brooklyn. We just had Patlac and Cleveland join us for the first one this last month and it was a great time. Next up on May 4th we have Sandrino & Aera which we’re all really looking forward to.

EG: Are you currently producing or focusing more on playing and touring?

Joe Foxton: I’m working on my first release at the moment as well as playing around NYC most weekends. I’ll also be heading over to London and Berlin in June.

EG: Do you have any new productions coming up?

Joe Foxton: Yes! Hopefully I will have something nice to share with you soon…

EG: What can you tell us about the current scene in New York? Is there any special event for the coming season that we should go and check?

Joe Foxton: The scene in New York is booming right now. There are so many more people listening to same kind of music we listen to which is very exciting. It feels like a Renaissance of sorts. It actually reminds me of the days of Twilo, Vinyl and Tunnel. There are just so many amazing options and events to choose from every weekend. We’re totally spoiled here in NYC.

I’m going to do some shameless self-promo here as everyone should definitely check out the Fiction events we have planned over the coming months: Antidote w/ Sandrino & Aera on May 4, and then the Fiction Sunset Cruise on June 2 w/ Baikal and Davis who are two of my favorite DJs. Also Listed’s Play at the Mirage is going to be a pretty epic party.

“Our initial intention was to host intimate events for music heads, and that’s still our intention for every event we do” 

EG: Other than Fiction, do you have any other projects coming up?

Joe Foxton: I run a residency at TBA Brooklyn called Frisson where we showcase women and LGBTQ DJs. While Fiction is focused on melodic sounds, Frisson is a bit more techno. It’s really nice having this other outlet where I get to play with some of my favorite local artists, especially my talented partner Remove Hyphen.

EG: Can you share with us some of your favorite tracks?

Joe Foxton: Right now I’m a tad obsessed with Traumprinz’s new albums under the monikers DJ Healer and Prime Minister of Doom – it’s next level stuff. I’ll be playing his stuff a lot.

EG: What spots would you recommend for those who are visiting the city for the first time?

Joe Foxton: So many! Good Room is a new favorite of mine since they installed D&B sound; their bookings are also top notch. TBA Brooklyn is a great casual place to come and hear some great locals. I also love Output, Elsewhere, Nowadays and of course the crazy unique House of Yes. If you’re looking for the full festival scale experience, The Brooklyn Mirage is pretty damn epic.

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