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Joeski: “Chicago deep and acid house is a big inspiration for this release”

Change is inevitable, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of dance music. Analog gives way to digital, trends come and go, yet NYC’s DJ Joeski remains at the top of his game, and now, in the midst of his third decade as one of house music’s most sought-after stars, his momentum shows no signs of slowing.

Following on from a hectic summer touring across the globe, NY producer Joeski returns to the studio to create his next release ‘I Want You feat. Liberty’, due on Crosstown Rebels.

Electronic Groove: Hello Joeski, thanks for your time. You are about to release a new EP on Crosstown Rebels. Tell us about the production process? Where and how was it recorded?

Joeski: Hello, thanks to you. Yes, excited about this one. I had this groove and was looking for some kind of vocal element for it. Also, we had Liberty to come in and do some spoken word. It was produced and recorded in my NYC studio.

EG: What was the inspiration for ‘I Want You’?

Joeski: I’ve been going back listening to a lot of early Chicago deep and acid house, that sound is a big inspiration for this release. Listen to the premiere below 😉

EG: There’s also a Disco version, what’s the core difference between the original and this one?

Joeski: The Disco mix has more of a deeper live musical feel.

EG: You are a New York native, what are your thoughts about the current scene in the big apple?

Joeski: Yes, born and raised in Brooklyn. New York right now is amazing! So much good talent playing here, venues are on point, the city is killing it!

EG: What club has most influenced your music career?

Joeski: If I had to pick one, definitely would be Save The Robots.

EG: 2017 just ended. Can you name a few highlights from last year?

Joeski: Wow, played so many great parties in many cool countries and cities. Also released on different labels. I love Crosstown being one of them 🙂

EG: How’s 2018 looking like?

Joeski: Crazy busy! Looking forward to an amazing year, moving forward in the studio and on the DJ booths.

“We have some big tunes dropping this year and planning some Maya showcase parties”

EG: What plans do you have for Maya Records?

Joeski: To release quality music from myself and close artists, we have some big tunes dropping this year and planning some Maya showcase parties.

EG: A final message for your fans?

Joeski: Thank you for all the support and love throughout the years, it’s been a long journey and ready for round 2 of it.

Joeski’s ‘I Want You feat. Liberty’ will be out February 2nd. Grab your copy here.

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