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Joey Daniel: “I see ADE as an international event where we can be proud to be Dutch”

Joey Daniels career can be summed up as nothing less than a well-deserved rise to fame. The Rotterdam born/Amsterdam-resident has been making waves through the Dutch dance scene for nearly a decade now. By now he has become a key figure in Dutch nightlife, a trusted provider of acclaimed sets, having played in some of the most renowned clubs and festivals around the world.

We had the chance to talk with him ahead of ADE week.

Electronic Groove: Hey Joey, thanks for the time to chat with us. You played at Music On Ibiza 5 times this summer, it must be such an honor to be chosen so many times to play at the highly coveted event, do you have a highlight from your summer at Music On?  

Joey Daniel: Being asked to play 5 times this summer is more than amazing and a honor, last year I started with 1 gig and this year I got 5 including the opening and closing. I’ve had so many highlights this season, starting with the opening party of Music On and all the gigs in between to the closing, but when the closing date arrived they asked me to play the closing slot which was absolutely amazing and a big honor to do. Playing for a packed Club Room from 3 AM till it close, was absolutely the highlight of the season for me.

Electronic Groove: What can we expect from your set at the Second State showcase at ADE?

Joey Daniel: What and how I play always depends on the situation, on the moment but what you can expect is truly my own sound that fits into the Second State event.

Electronic Groove: What’s your relationship with Pan-Pot, are you excited to be playing alongside them at ADE?

Joey Daniel: I’ve known Thomas and Tassilo for about 7 or even 8 years now. It all started in Rotterdam when I booked them for my own event that time. Since then we are very close friends and have been always in contact. When I’m in Berlin I sleep at Thomas’s place, we watch Netflix, listen to music, order food, play the PlayStation, and mostly make a lot jokes and laugh all day. In Ibiza we always BBQ together and hit the Hierbas. I’m super excited about playing alongside them, in the meanwhile both our careers have  exploded and I’m very happy to see how things goes so well for my two amazing friends, and now their own night at ADE! I’m very proud of them and happy to be part of this.


Electronic Groove: Being a Rotterdam Native and now living in Amsterdam, is ADE special to you as you’re playing on home turf?

Joey Daniel: I see ADE as an international event where we can be proud to be Dutch. Not more special because I live in Amsterdam but that’s most probably I didn’t grow up in this city like I did in Rotterdam.

 Electronic Groove: What other sets are you hoping to see at ADE?

Joey Daniel: Too many to name and still to find out, but for sure Friday you will find me at Paradise.

Electronic Groove: You’ve had a busy summer, have there been any stand out shows or festivals you would love to re-live?

Joey Daniel: All the shows where more than amazing, but to name a few starting from the beginning of the year already at BPM Mexico, followed up by Sunwaves Festival where I had to honor to close the mainstage after Marco Carola and played for 11 hours, all the Music On gigs in Ibiza, Kristal Glam Club in Bucharest, Sonus in Croatia, The Social Festival in the UK back-to-back with my dear friend Mark Fanciulli, and the closing of Music On. Last but not least my All Night long sets at Rotterdam which I’m going to do soon over on the 29th October at Toffler Rotterdam.

Electronic Groove: What’s your earliest memory of ADE?

Joey Daniel: That’s a very long time ago and don’t know that much about it to be honest. But what I know, it was always a lot of fun with people around you normally don’t see that much and mostly have contact with on the mail or just meet for the very first time in person. We were all very excited about all the big artists that were coming to play and all the big label showcases to came to Amsterdam.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any milestones planned for next summer, any festivals you’re dying to play at or are you just trying to recover from your hectic summer for now?

Joey Daniel: The more I play the better for me so no need to recover. I have already some really nice Festivals confirmed that I always wanted to play, have South America gigs planned what I always wanted to do and I would really love to play in Japan. But there are too many things on my list to name now. Making more music is definitely in the planning and to speak about milestones is too early, it’s just the beginning and it seems that next year already looks better than this amazing year. I’m very happy about all.

Electronic Groove: You must not get to spend much time in Amsterdam seeing as you have had such a busy summer, is there anything you are excited to go and do or eat whilst you’re home for ADE?

Joey Daniel: I lived all summer in Ibiza and just got back in Amsterdam, so haven’t been here all summer. There is one thing for sure I’m not excited about and that’s the weather in Amsterdam. I’m not a fan of Dutch food, but a Dutch pancake or a patatje special en een kroket is something I really missed and definitely going to eat. I also found this amazing Japanese Noodle Ramen Bar in Amsterdam which I can’t wait to go to. But Mostly excited to hang out and cook for my friends like we normally do every week.

Electronic Groove: So can we expect some new music from you in 2017?

Joey Daniel: Absolutely, I’m working on several remixes and I do a collaboration EP with my friend Rub A Dub, also 2 solo EP’s are in the making and planned for next year, lots of new stuff is coming up.

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