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Jonathan Kaspar: “Every situation is different and that is what I love about deejaying”

Jonathan Kaspar has released on esteemed labels like Objektivity, Crosstown Rebels and Kompakt’s KX, while also being resident of the famed Gewölbe club. 2018 is shaping up to be mammoth year with the German producer remixing for Catz’n Dogz, Hyenah and Pokerflat, as well as releases for Rebellion and These Eyes.

We had the chance to talk with Jonathan Kaspar as he recently released a new EP, ‘Panem’ via These Eyes.

EG: Hi Jonathan, thanks for chatting with us. What are you up to right now?

Jonathan Kaspar: Hey, thanks for having me! I just arrived back home from Barcelona, where I played last night at the grand dame of Spanish clubs, the legendary Razzmatazz. It was a great show, I played warm up and closing for Catz’n Dogz as I really enjoy to play both slots. Quite different – but that’s exactly what I like. First building up the energy on the floor and then trying to keep it on a certain level.

EG: We just heard your latest EP, ‘Panem’. Really enjoyed both tracks. What can you tell us about the productions behind them?

Jonathan Kaspar: I remember that I finished ‘Panem’ first, the whole direction of the track was driven by the percussion-loop which took quite a while until I was happy with it. The lead-bassline comes from the ARP Odyssey. I started ‘Apart’ after and for me they both belonged to each other right away.

EG: Is this your first venture into Afro House genre?

Jonathan Kaspar: I would not call this EP, or my music in general, Afro House. When I have look at my releases so far, there is just one real Afro House track called ‘Maarifa’, which I released via Objektivity in 2016. But of course, you can hear that I love percussions and certain grooves in the drumming in nearly every production of mine.

EG: The release came out ‘These Eyes’. What’s your relationship with the label? Do you have any favorites from their catalog?

Jonathan Kaspar: ‘These Eyes’ owner André Hommen is one of my best friends and I was one of the first ones that he told he was planning to launch his label. When I listened to the first EP’s and saw the amazing artwork, it made all sense and I wanted to be part of the label right away. I took some time until I sent him ‘Panem’. He immediately said that this is the record he was waiting for his label. During a long back-to-back set with him, he realized that ‘Apart’ paired up nicely to complete the release.

My absolutely favorite of the catalogue is Marc Romboy’s fantastic ‘Trapped in an Orbit’, which is already a classic for me.

EG: Are there any remixes planned for the EP?

Jonathan Kaspar: Nothing I could already reveal :)

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the summer? Any gigs you’re looking forward? Maybe a summer festival?

Jonathan Kaspar: It was a very long and fantastic summer for me, with a lot of different festivals and open airs, but I’m already looking forward to the clubbing season during fall and winter, as I also love the intimate and dirty vibes in smaller clubs.

EG: Do you have a go-to track when things get rough?

Jonathan Kaspar: It all depends on the vibe, time, surrounding and crowd, every situation is different and that is what I love about deejaying. I cannot name a specific track, it’s always changing and evolving.

EG: Thanks again Jonathan. Here are some short bonus questions ;)

The best part of what I do is… I absolutely love what I do, for me it’s a real privilege to be in this situation.
I am obsessed about/with… Food, finding new music and samples, being efficient.
Music is… Everything for me.
Music Genres are… Not needed.
Your favorite music memory is when… too many.
My favorite food is… Pasta, salad, steak.
My favorite time of day is… Morning hours with sunshine, the night with rain.
I love it when… People inspire each other.
The most important human trait one should embody is… Being unprejudiced.
I am… now leaving the plane.

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