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Joris Voorn: “ADE Is Such A Special Week”

Joris Voorn: “ADE is such a special week”

Joris Voorn sits at the epicenter of the Dutch electronic music scene, the most renowned and instantly recognizable artist from Holland, representing underground house and techno on a wider global stage. For a country with a population of just seventeen million Holland’s contribution to world electronic music is unsurpassed.

Now Joris Voorn comes out with a new album, ‘\\\\’ [four], and gears up for two special gigs during this year’s edition of ADE. Joris Voorn Spectrum with Audio Obscura and Joris Voorn & Friends at Awakenings.

Pre-order the album here.

Electronic Groove: Hi Joris and welcome back to EG. We’re quite excited about your new album ‘\\\\ [four]’ that is coming out on Spectrum on Nov 15th. What does this album mean to you?

Joris Voorn: Hi guys! ‘\\\\’ [four] means quite a lot to me, as it represents my musical development in the early days of my career. I got a lot of inspiration from the European electronic mid-90’s period. In those few years, so much happened and nowadays we still continue to build on the foundation that was made then.

Electronic Groove: The album has multiple collaborations like Underworld, HÆLOS, and Michiel Borstlap. What can you tell us about working with each of them?

Joris Voorn: Working with all these people was a true pleasure because it was really a collaboration, instead of two separate works combined. Our styles are intertwined in the music and that’s what makes it great.

Electronic Groove: How did you connect with Underworld?

Joris Voorn: I actually met them at a panel during ADE 2017. I’d been a fan of them for over two decades and after the panel, I emailed them with a track which in my opinion combined perfectly with Karl Hyde’s voice. They apparently agreed with me, because after a few months, I received Karl’s vocals and they were beyond my expectations. 

“I’m very lucky to have experienced this period in which
so much happened”

Electronic Groove: The album has some clear inspiration on the ’90s. Why did you go through this route? Why the 90’s?

Joris Voorn: The ’90s and especially the mid-’90s were very important for my musical development. I’m very lucky to have experienced this period in which so much happened. It’s almost like music was different every day. With this album, I want to show that the music that was created back then, still has so much relevance now. 

Electronic Groove: In terms of production and workflow, what can you tell us about the first single Messiah ft. HÆLOS? 

Joris Voorn:Messiah’ is based on a ‘90s breakbeat and atmospheric ambient. When HÆLOS sent me their vocals, I decided to work a bit more on the underlying music, which kind of twisted the music into what it is now. That’s what makes the collaboration so cool, you start off with something very different and with the help of others you get to a result that you couldn’t have estimated.

Electronic Groove: Moving into the graphic part of the album, who did the cover and what can you tell us about the concept behind it? 

Joris Voorn: The pictures are taken by Jos Kottmann, a very talented photographer I’ve been working with for many years now mostly for my Spectrum brand project. The backslashes refer to this album being my fourth, but also to the ‘V’ from my logo. 

Electronic Groove: Since the album has some 90’s inspiration, do you have any tracks from that decade that made an impact in your career as a musician?

Joris Voorn: Oh, wow. There are so many tracks to choose from. Obviously Underworld, as already mentioned, had a big impact on me and they have always been such a big inspiration. I also still, to this day, play out some classics of Laurent Garnier in my sets as they are just timeless pieces of music and they will always work. That’s how you become a legend in this game. I can’t mention any specific tracks but those two had a big impact on me for sure. 

Electronic Groove: Talking about gigs, you have a few massive ones coming up including Awakenings at ADE. What are the expectations coming into the winter season?

Joris Voorn: After having a great festival season, I’m also excited about the indoor gigs coming up. Awakenings indeed is a show I’m definitely looking forward to, as well as my Spectrum evening for Audio Obscura in the stunning Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. On November 16th I play at E1 in London where I will celebrate the release of my album. 

Electronic Groove: What is your take on ADE and how does it differentiate from other gatherings?

Joris Voorn: As mentioned before, I’ll be hosting two events during ADE like in previous years, it’s is a hometown game for me and its so nice that almost all of my DJ friends fly to The Netherlands and join the festival. The city turns into the epicenter of music really.

Electronic Groove: What advice would you give to those who are visiting ADE for the first time?

Joris Voorn: Mostly: Enjoy! ADE is such a special week with people coming together from all over the world, sharing that same love for music. 

“Besides music, I have a passion for architecture, photography, and skating”

Electronic Groove: Can we say that Music is your life? What other things do you enjoy aside from playing music and producing?

Joris Voorn: You can definitely state the fact that music is my life, but being 42, I do have to say that my family is also super important. I love being with my kids and my wife. Besides music, I have a passion for architecture, photography, and skating.  

Electronic Groove: What is the hardest part of being Joris Voorn?

Joris Voorn: (Laughs) That’s a good question. I think the hardest part is to balance all the stuff I have an interest in and desire to maintain. I’d like to do more skateboarding. I’d like to do more photography. I’d like to be even more in the studio. I’d like to spend more time with my kids and wife on weekends when they’re actually off school and work. But you can’t do everything and I feel I’m keeping a good balance between everything. Although family time and the studio takes priority always. Of course. 


‘Messiah’ is now available. Buy and stream here

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