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Keinemusik: “We try to just ‘let it flow’ and not limit ourselves to a certain idea”

Fresh off from the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Send Return’, the Keinemusik trio of Adam Port, &ME, and Rampa have now shared the first official music video to stem from the LP. The ample playground provided by the LP format allowed the trio to look beyond the dancefloor narrative, allowing them to explore other subgenres, expanding upon their traditional sound palette. Thus, ‘Send Return’ features a myriad of collaborations, including names such as Ali Love, Little Dragon, Nomi Ruiz, Sofie, Solomun, Starving Yet Full, Chiara Noriko, Bell Towers, RY X, and Cubicolor.

We caught up with Keinemusik to learn more about the release of ‘Send Return’,  how much effort went into the new album, their current endeavors, and future plans.

EG: Hi guys! Welcome! It’s a true pleasure to have you down with us for a chat. How have you been doing?

Keinemusik: Hello! All is good so far. Busy in the studio lately, working on a couple of new projects. Looking forward to taking a short break and in January we’ll be on the road again — playing Tulum, Mexico. And early next year we’ll be having our ‘Send Return’ album party here in Berlin, including a special guest (or guests even).

EG: So, it seems like there are some big times ahead of you guys with what will be the release of your sophomore album, ‘Send Return’! Congratulations!

Keinemusik: Thank you, thank you. Feels great to be able to share it with the world eventually. We’ve been working on it for almost two and a half years, plus moved into a new studio space, which is great…like, having our own space, getting it ready from scratch. Rampa even handpicked a variety of beautiful plants, which should be delivered by next week actually. 🙂

EG: What can we expect from Keinemusik on ‘Send Return’? What’s the inspiration behind this one? Is there a concept to it?

Keinemusik: When we’ve started to work on the album there wasn’t really a concept. We try to just ‘let it flow’ and not limit ourselves to a certain idea.

However, some of us are constantly exchanging ideas with other artists, and at some point, it just made sense to collaborate on a song together which turned to be out perfect for the album. Some of the artists – like Nomi Ruiz or Chiara Noriko for example – are long-time friends and collaborators of Keinemusik and we’ve worked together on the first album, ‘You Are Safe’, which came out in 2017. Artists like RY X, Little Dragon, or Solomun we’re simply huge fans and happy they’ve been into the idea of recording a song together.

“What started as a co-working relationship turned into late nights, afterparties, and later turned into full-form collaboration on a new creative project”

EG: What was the dynamic between you guys like in the studio? Do you each have strengths and weaknesses and distribute the work according to that? Or do you just fly with the moment?

Keinemusik/Rampa: It’s our second album together so we kinda knew what to expect… it felt much easier somehow because we felt more comfortable in the process and we had more time because of Covid. We would talk a lot about where we wanted to go, and who we would love to collaborate with. To be honest, it came all together even easier than expected. Also collaborating via phone zoom calls or emails was super easy. And we had enough options to choose from, so there wasn’t much pressure. 🙂

EG: As you guys mentioned, there are some fantastic collaborations that we think are bound to make some noise. What was the process of working with Ry X, Solomun, and Little Dragon? Did you seek them out to fill out a particular role, or did they all start from scratch? What was it that drew you to work with them?

Keinemusik: Thank you for the kind words. It differs really. With some of the artists, we sent an idea or vice versa. We go with the flow, sometimes we start with an idea, which can be a beat or certain arrangement, in other cases, the artist had an idea and we would then incorporate it, exchanging ideas on the go.

EG: Gear and production-wise, what has gone into the making of this record?

Keinemusik: &ME and Rampa share a big studio where they combine all their gear. André is for example into preamps and speakers …Greg is into percussion and mics. We moved with our base a few times thanks to gentrification and now found a nice new home in Reinickendorf, where we have our own little villa. We invited friends to join so we have two music studios but also a garage for TEILE and two ateliers for Conny Maier and Stefan Marx. Also, we have a physical shop which opens soon with our own products but also of our friends and partners…So, it’s not only the gear inside the studio, but also being surrounded by our friends and other artists is important and inspiring.

EG: Are there any special plans in the works to present ‘Send Return’ in a live format?

Keinemusik: To be honest, there have / there are, but with the current situation it’s almost impossible to plan anything… Like, getting a handful of artists on stage at the same time and place…But fingers crossed, it will be possible to pick up ideas again.

“It’s our second album together so we kinda knew what to expect”

EG: What’s next for Keinemusik? What new milestones are you looking forward to in the coming months?

Keinemusik: Keep an eye out for new music and album remixes to be coming in 2022.

EG: Thank you for your time guys! We wish you all the best for the future!

Keinemusik: Many thanks, appreciated. Thank you for having us!

Keinemusik’s ‘Send Return’ is now available. Stream and buy here

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