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Khainz: “I’m Exploring A More Experimental Side Of My Sound”

Khainz: “I’m exploring a more experimental side of my sound”

Khainz well-known for his cutting edge, innovative production skills. Behind this project, stands Simon Schwendener from Switzerland.

We caught up with Khainz to talk about his upcoming album and highlights of the year.

Electronic Groove: Hi Khainz, thanks for your time. You are from Switzerland, tell us about the scene over there?

Khainz: Hi, thank you for having me. The scene here is great, Switzerland is such a small country but has so much to offer nightlife wise. Zurich, for example, has the highest club density worldwide.  There are lots of great clubs and festivals, also a great musical output coming from the country.

EG: Which nightclubs and festivals would you recommend?

Khainz: In my hometown, Lucerne,  I would recommend: ROK, Uferlos, Kegelbahn. In the whole country: Hive Club, Nordstern, Space Monki, Friedas Büxe, Gate54, I’m sure there are many other good ones that I haven’t been to yet! 

In terms of festivals: they are Streetparade (if you can call it a festival), Rakete on the Lake, Tension, Caprices, Arosa Electronica, Am Bach Festival, among others.

EG: You are currently working on a studio album, can you give us a sneak peek about it? What’s the concept?

Khainz: I can’t tell too much about it yet, its like halfway done and when I work on an album, halfway done mostly means there are still lots of studio hours ahead on the next few months, but it’s coming together nicely. It will be out via Yoshitoshi Recordings, hopefully in May 2019. I’m exploring a more experimental side of my sound.

EG: Can you mention a few highlights of 2018 for you?

Khainz: 2018 was a great year, one of the highlights was definitely Son Libre Festival in France where I played for 4.5 hours into the sunset.  I recently played a Gig in CapeTown that has been fantastic as well!  Too many good memories this year1

EG: Can you mention some of your all-time musical influences?

Khainz: Bodzin, Maceo Plex, Andre Winter, Sasha, Amon Tobin, Chemical Brothers.

EG: What else is important in your life, besides music of course?

Khainz: My wife, family, friends, nature, travelling, good food, cooking and videogames.

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