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Kuo Climax: “I found my place and I’m happy to make the music that I really feel”

Born in Malaga in 1991, this young Dj and producer has been slowly opening a gap in the Spain’s electronic scene. Influenced by vintage sounds and broken beats that characterize his native province, he entered the world of production with 21 years. Since he decided to sit in the studio making music, various labels of international stature have recognized his work.

We had the chance to talk with Kuo Climax as he just released the ‘Nacred’ EP on Hot Creations.

Electronic Groove: Hi Kuo, thanks for chatting with us. Congrats on your new EP on Hot Creations. What was the inspiration to produce these tracks?

Kuo Climax: Hello guys. It’s a musical response to some important personal changes in my life. This period lasted 8 months at a house located in Malaga’s mountains. Inspired on a woman, and seeking to find a balance between the music I daily listen and the need to offer fresh beats to this saturated scene.

EG: Where did you record both tracks?

Kuo Climax: Both tracks were recorded in my home studio, installed in a little house in the mountains of Malaga.

EG: How’s your summer agenda looking like?

Kuo Climax: Summer looks really good, I will be focused at the Barcelona studio, working on new music – the most important thing for me – as I usually do during the last 7 months. Related to gigs I will be doing a few dates in some places that I really like as Madrid, South America, Ibiza or UK.

EG: You come from Spain. What are your favorite cities to play in that country?

Kuo Climax: Malaga is my favorite because it’s my hometown, my family, my friends, the crown’s influence there is on another level.  Madrid is another one, I had the pleasure to play there only a few times but I felt such a good vibe.

EG: You recently toured South America. How was the experience?

Kuo Climax: Wow, one of the best experiences of my life. It was a two week 5 dates tour between Ecuador and Peru. I had the pleasure to meet a lot of great guys from different cultures… it was amazing to take my music there and playing more than 5 hours per date. I will be there again in July.

“I’m focused on the studio more than ever”

EG: Are you working on new material? Can you share a sneak peek of your upcoming releases?

Kuo Climax: I can say that I’m focused on the studio more than ever, working and learning about the sound, I’m doing only a few gigs that I really feel, I moved to Barcelona to continue growing as an artist and to make a radical change to my own sound. It has been 6 months of learning and music progress. Finally, I found my place and I’m happy to make the music that I really feel.

I have a lot of new music that I’m going to release through my upcoming new vinyl-only imprint LFOFL, I will not necessarily publish them under my name, it will be real music for real people not for fashion or egos. But I can say that we have big bangers ready that we will release starting next October.

EG: If you would have to choose, what would be your all-time favorite track?

Kuo Climax: It’s very difficult just to choose a song, my life has been characterized by constant changes but if I have to choose only one would be  ‘Everything But The Girl – Missing’

Kuo Climax’s ‘Nacred’ is already available. Grab your copy here.

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