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Latmun: ” I Got To Visit And Play One Of My Favorite Cities”

Latmun: ” I got to visit and play one of my favorite cities”

Latmun, the moniker of Joe Bradley is making his mark through a unique interpretation of the Tech House soundscape.

Both his DJ sets and own productions have a coherent energy, infectious grooves being the key component for crowds to be captivated worldwide. We had the chance to chat with him ahead of his latest release ‘Footsteps’ on Hot Creations.

Electronic Groove: Hi Latmun, thanks for your time and congratulations on your debut release ‘Footsteps’ on Hot Creations. Is this release something special to you?

Latmun: The pleasure is mine, I’m a keen reader of Electronic Groove and your interviews have provided me inspiration at various points through my career so I’m happy to be speaking to you!

The release is very special as the tracks were creatively an achievement for me in my opinion, both being very different from each other and from other tracks I’ve produced in the past. To then have them signed to my number one dream label was an amazing feeling.

EG: Many thanks! What was the inspiration to produce it?

Latmun: The inspiration for the titular track – Footsteps’, came from wanting to produce a piece of music that was focused on a vocal building throughout the track and that creating the main tension and hook for the dancefloor; while keeping a feeling of rolling throughout. This is in contrast to some of my past music being more synth-based and focused on the excitement of the drop. I wrote the track without the vocal first, when I came across the sample it fitted exactly what I wanted the track to sound like in my head, even though I didn’t know what I wanted the words to be at that point! We then found a great vocalist – Amy Douglas to put her own spin on it and then the final piece was born.

EG: You collaborated with Amy Douglas on the vocals. How did you meet and what was the process to record the track?

Latmun: Amy and I were connected via the Hot Creations labels manager, she has done a number of amazing singles over the past year most notably with Peach Melba, and came to work with me on ‘Footsteps’ fresh off a project with Luke Solomon. We did a lot of takes with the recording as we wanted it to be just right, Amy probably hated me a little bit by taking number 12, but it was worth it as I couldn’t be happier with the final piece 🙂

EG: As we can see you had a very busy summer, can you mention a few season’s highlights?

Latmun: It’s been crazy! Sitting in my studio right now for this interview is the first time I’ve been back in weeks, it’s very good to see my better half – my monitors again 🙂 One of the main highlights has to be playing 3 dates at Paradise DC10 this summer, it’s been one of my favorite parties from day one, so to become part of the crew and get to play there is truly fulfilling a dream. Another has to be sharing the booth with Green Velvet on a mini US tour we did, my face ached from smiling too much after that week!

EG: You just came back from a mini United States tour. How was the experience playing there?

Latmun: It was amazing, I got to visit and play one of my favorite cities – New York which was great as expected! And I got to finish off the tour with CRSSD festival. Because I couldn’t make it last time due to my visa, the people that were there to see me were on attempt no 2, which actually made the vibe more electric as everyone including me was double excited! It was probably one of the biggest crowds I’ve played to and one of the best DJ booth views I’ve witnessed. You looked out onto the waterfront park littered with palm trees and backdropped with a clear blue sky.

“One of the main highlights has to be playing 3 dates at Paradise DC10 this summer, it’s been one of my favorite parties from day one”

EG: In terms of releases can you give us a sneak peek of your coming ones?

Latmun: Aside of the Hot Creations EP I also have a remix on Snatch! coming out either end of this year or early next year, it’s still to be decided. I’m really happy with that one though and if you look hard enough though some of my mixes/radio shows you may be able to work out which it is!

EG: How’s your DJ agenda looking like for Autumn and Winter?

Latmun: It looks like the summer is continuing! I have a South America tour coming in Colombia coupled with some other exciting places. In December I am back off to Australia for a 5-date tour and a gig in Bali with few days relaxing before coming home. I will also be playing two more dates of my Warehouse Project residency, Paradise at Printworks, London and a whole host of other dates around the UK/Europe. Basically, I will be partying with lots of you!

EG: To finish, what was your favorite track this Summer?

Latmun: This is always tough but a track that has brought me a lot of pleasure and memories this summer isSean Roman – I Wanna’. It’s a beautifully produced take on Alicia Myers original. It sounds like the sun is shining and as has featured in many of my daytime sets this summer in Ibiza and around the world.

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