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Leon: “If there is in you a strength, great courage and passion for your job then you’ll make it”

LEON is a Italian DJ/Producer who has been making waves since 2009 when he burst on to the scene with several huge releases on Steve Lawler’s VIVA Music Imprint.

Coming to the end of a busy summer with constant gigs around Europe and a residency for Marco Carola’s Music On weekly event at Amnesia Ibiza, we sat down with him to talk to him about his season and his plans for the upcoming months.

Electronic Groove: How are you, how has summer been, what was good and what was bad?

Leon: Summer went very well, it was very busy. I had 30 gigs in three months, a good average I would say. I love Ibiza and my residency at Music On was great, five years together, I’m very satisfied. The only negative topic maybe was the end of my US Visa, so I had to cancel a tour through the country that included New York, LA, Chicago, cities that I usually love to play at.

Electronic Groove: You have a very busy touring schedule – how do you stay healthy and sane when on the road?

Leon: This is a good question, this summer like all in the past there have been weeks where I was really physically tired and that’s where you have to be strong mentally. If there is in you a strength, great courage and passion for your job then you’ll make it! Another secret is to eat well!

Electronic Groove: Can you write music when travelling, or do you have to do it all in the studio?

Leon: I absolutely make music while traveling, it relaxes me, makes time at airports or flying passes faster. I prefer to make music while traveling, the best ideas for me come out during these periods.

Electronic Groove: Since you broke through in 2009, what has been the moments that took your career to the next level?

Leon: I had different important times when I worked with Steve Lawler for 3 years. He helped me very much, took me to play in the best clubs in the world and toured with him in the United States of America, that it’s something I’ll never forget. Then came Marco Carola, he changed everything on my career, my reputation has grown and I’m doing better and better, Clubs, Festivals, Ibiza… very important things.

Electronic Groove: In terms of Production, How do you approach a Remix versus an Original version? What’s your aim?

Leon: I like to do remixes, I try to not to be too close to the Original version, not using many of the original parts, maybe taking only the vocals, or the main melody. I aim to reconstruct above all, especially drums and bassline!

Electronic Groove: Tell us about the one you recently did for Harry Romero’s on Do Not Sleep Records, what was your inspiration?

Leon: I think Do Not Sleep is a big family, and I know Darius (Syrossian) and Neil well. Also I know many other artists that take part on the label and I am very happy to be part of it. It’s a nice project that is growing and it works very well. When I’ve heard Harry Romero‘s Original version, I though “Nice, here I could put something “Ibizenco” and sexy”. Then I made some more tribal drums with a bassline, and this is the result – a bomb!

Electronic Groove: Is there any special artist you would really like to remix?

Leon: In the last 2 years I’ve done a few things in the studio. After producing very successful tracks like ‘Like this Like That‘ and ‘Body Monster’ is not easy to get to that level over and over so I decided to stop for a few years and concentrate on gigs. I’ve been a DJ for over 15 years and to be honest I don’t completely feel a Producer. I make tracks only when I feel inspired to. In the last 2 years I prefered to keep me playing instead of producing, travelling around the world with Marco Carola and the Music On crew. Now after that period I started to come back with some productions and really I don’t have any artist in particular that I would like to contact or cooperate. I just want to do things right, in a professional way and make people dance!

Electronic Groove: Do you have any key bits of studio gear or software that really makes your sound and your identity?

Leon: Actually no, I really enjoy my Minimoog, Juno, and some filter to use in the bassline but my studio is my laptop 🙂

Electronic Groove: What else have you got coming up or are you working on?

Leon: I’m working on a new EP on my label Dfloor.It’s very strong and will be out in November. I also have an EP finished on Moan Recordings with collaborations with Ninho, Simone Liberali and Artsalves. Last I have a remix on Snatch!, and another one on Deeperfect!

Electronic Groove: Finally, what is your all-time favorite tune?

Leon: ‘Like This Like That’ is my favorite track, the one that identifies me. Everything in there is myself, my life, my style, my loves, my family, my passion for life and of course, House music!

Leon’s Remix of Harry Romero’s ‘Soul Is Another’ is already available on Do Not Sleep.

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