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Livio & Roby: “It’s fascinating to learn different techniques and to adapt”

Livio & Roby have been putting their own supernatural twist on house and techno for the past 10 years.

Their connection with the global electronic music movement has been channeled via highly influential outlets such as Desolat, VIVa, Saved and Fumakilla. While their physical presence has been felt in a myriad of venues from Buenos Aires to Detroit, and across much of Europe. From dynamic DJ sets and innovative live performances to album projects and a constant flow of cutting edge, dancefloor-based productions the duo remain one of Romania’s leading lights in the field.

We had the chance to talk with the duo aligned to the release of their latest album,‘Phantom Circle’.

Electronic Groove:  Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You’ve just released ‘Phantom Circle’. What’s the concept behind the album?

Livio & Roby: We thought about doing an album couple of years ago but we delayed the project for a while, we waited for the right moment because we think putting out an LP needs special attention. Exactly in that period we started to do more and more collaborations, after some time we decided to release the album based on these.

We also took inspiration by the Premiesku workflow and jams, and we wanted to experience that feeling with different people. It was more difficult in the beginning but then things started to take shape. Still, even though is a collaboration album. We thought is cooler to hide names because we don’t want to put the listener in the position to be subjective, the music is more important and needs to speak by itself.


Electronic Groove: In this recent project you have worked with a few close ‘circle of friends’. Did you adapt to different production methods depending of the artist or was it always the same?

Livio & Roby: It’s quite different all the time and this is the interesting and challenging part. Every artist is special and needs a different attention and approach. It’s fascinating to learn different techniques and to adapt. We have learned a lot in this journey, especially small details that make a huge difference.

Electronic Groove: ‘Phamtom Circle’ includes some of the top underground names like Tini, Ryan Crosson, Martin Buttrich, among others. How was the selection process of the artists involved?

Livio & Roby: Well, of course as the album name suggests, it’s a conglomerate of friends from our circle and this was the main criterion. We have known them all from long time, and we have a good flow together which it’s important if you want to create great results. Then we came with the “Phantom” notion, which basically hides the names in sequence with the tracks causing a bit of enigma.

Electronic Groove: In terms of sounds what’s the difference between Livio & Roby and your alias Premiesku?

Livio & Roby: Well, the most basic explanation would be that Livio & Roby is a duo, and with Premiesku we have a third member, George, who brings his input and vibe to the trio. We impose certain differences but at the same time the projects have some similarities. Premiesku has more a raw approach and this influence comes from the live act based on machines and analog gear. Livio & Roby is more deep and subtle. It’s quite difficult do describe yourself, we actually wonder how different people who know and like our music would mark out the differences.

Electronic Groove:  The Romanian scene is making some noise in recent years. What are your thoughts about it? Do you feel inspired when you play in your hometown?

Livio & Roby: Yes, actually this is an amazing feeling, playing in Bucharest is pretty dope. It’s a positive challenge that pushes us to be more motivated. We really find ourselves there and at the same time there is a “home” sentiment, which is quite warm. We can say it’s a good engine. This scene is growing more and more, and people are really involved in the music, they have in-depth culture and they need quality parties. There is definitely a special vibration in the local scene and it will be more and more in the spotlight.

Electronic Groove: Our readers definitely would like to know some dancefloor fillers you played during the summer season. Can you share three of them?

Livio & Roby: There are definitely some amazing ones: The Raum release of Ricardo Villalobos called ‘Detroit Heroes’, some tracks from our new album were for sure tripping the dance floor this summer. Also tracks from Romanian labels like Amphia or Rora.

Electronic Groove: What’s next for Livio & Roby? What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Livio & Roby: Right now we’re touring in America, but as soon as we get back we’ll work on Premiesku new album. Then we have loads of new plans, doing a new L&R live act concept but will not reveal much right now, we are very excited about it. Then we have the new label which we’re working on, right now and we are defining the first releases.

‘Phantom Circle’ is already out on Digital and Vinyl. For more info visit here.

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