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Loco Dice: “Every place is unique and every party has it’s charm”

Loco Dice is someone who can puzzle together intangiblemoods with a direct approach. Via his DJ sets or his productions on labels like M_nus, Cadenza, Ovum, Cocoon or his own Desolat, he merges perspectives in his delicate sense for sounds and reflective atmospheres, underpinned with solid, physical grooves inspired by the hip hop that was his early sonic stomping ground in the mid- to late ‘90s. 

We had the chance to talk with him ahead of his Brooklyn’s Output Thanksgiving show to take place on November 23rd.

Electronic Groove: Thanks Loco Dice to chat with us. Thanksgiving Eve is this week in the States: although most parts of the world don’t celebrate the holiday, we’d like to know what at this moment are you most thankful for in your life and in the music industry?

Loco Dice: I am thankful for life, love, my family, friends and to be healthy.

Electronic Groove: What does playing across the world feel like now after the posible closing of fabric and Space Ibiza? Where do you expect the next big club to emerge out of?

Loco Dice: Every place is unique and every party has it’s charm. As we speak, it looks like Fabric will reopen, but the next big club can emerge everywhere. It’s not a matter of the size, it’s impact and importance makes it big. And people interested in music and art, interested in creating spaces and make certain things happen, are fortunately everywhere.

Electronic Groove: What do you think is the role of dance music and its artists in supporting unity and the acceptance of diversity in today’s times?

Loco Dice: I don’t think that there is a particular “role” of dance music besides making people dance, helping them get down and having a good time, dance, let themselves go. That collective experience is by it’s nature rather unifying than separating.

“The next big club can emerge everywhere”

Electronic Groove: Your Output show is bound to be electric, what excites you the most about playing in Brooklyn? What are you looking forward to seeing or doing while in New York?

Loco Dice: I lived in Brooklyn in 2006-07. There I produced and recorded my first album ‘7 Dunham Place’, there the idea of my label Desolat occurred. So going back to Brooklyn is like coming home. It’s going to be great.


Electronic Groove: You have played Output multiple times over the last couple of years. What keeps bringing you back to play in the club?

Loco Dice: Output is a club with great stuff, great sound system, a place where an artist feels welcome.

Electronic Groove: You and the legendary founding father of techno, Eddie Fowlkes, will be playing the main room. He was featured on your Used and Abused podcast and played wit you at Ushuaïa Ibiza 3 years ago. Have you guys collaborated or met with each other since, or will this be a reunion for you two?

Loco Dice:  We met before, and I met Eddie through his music long before. In 2014 I released on of Eddie’s tracks on my Desolat label, ‘I’m Telling You’, and I have a feeling that there will be more.

“I don’t think that there is a particular “role” of dance music besides making people dance”

Electronic Groove: How did the remix of Moby’s classic track ‘Go’ come about?

Loco Dice: A few years ago I was asked to remix one of Moby’s tracks, but at that time it didn’t happen due to other obligations and deadlines that couldn’t be met. Recently Moby’s team got in touch again, and I picked ‘Go’. It’s one of classic Techno tracks, a hymn, but I always thought that for my taste it lacks drums, bass, something that happens below. So that was my approach – also having a classic big NY house sound in mind, rolling drums, long tracks, that energy that only those early 90’s NY tracks have. That spirit I wanted to catch and I’m happy how it sounds.

Electronic Groove: Desolat’s X-Sampler 2016 compilation just dropped, bringing us tons of new music from your label’s artists. Will any of them be releasing projects of their own anytime soon, that we should look out for?

Loco Dice: Always look for those artists. They develop, grow, are creative, and do their thing. If there is a music that fits Desolat, we’re going to release it. Talking about artists from the X-Sampler: new Francisco Allendes coming out on December 9th as DESOLAT 052, ‘Efisema’ EP.

Electronic Groove: What’s coming next for you? Do you have any collaborations we should be excited for?

Loco Dice: A lot of great stuff is coming. Stay tuned.

Electronic Groove: 2016 is almost over, what’s been your favorite records of the year?

Loco Dice: It was another year of great music and it’s hard to name one, but I am definitely happy with my remixes this year – for Black Coffee and Moby for example.

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