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Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago: “We Are Buzzing To Be Invited Back Again To Ibiza Rocks Residency’

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago: “We are buzzing to be invited back again to Ibiza Rocks residency’

Following their last year’s Ibiza Rocks successful residency, saxophonist Lovely Laura and DJ Ben Santiago will be bringing their vibrant live show this summer to audiences across the globe. Dates will include performances at iconic festivals including We Are FSTVL, Creamfields UK, Live at the Beach, We Are Together, and Lush Classical, with additional stops in London, Manchester, Ibiza, Mallorca, Liverpool and Dubai.

The duo will be also returning to the Ibiza venue for their highly anticipated five-date residency starting in June. Not stopping there, the pair will be striking out and launching their own summer residency and brand LA CASA in August which will take place at the Island Beach Club in Mallorca.

We caught up with Ben Santiago and Lovely Laura to talk about their current musical projects.

EG: Hello Ben and Laura, thanks for your time today. How would you describe yourselves and your music to people who don’t know you?

Ben Santiago: Thanks for the invitation! We’re a DJ & sax duo. I play straight-up house music and Laura is an incredible saxophonist that jams over the records.

EG: You guys have been playing together for quite some time now, how did it all start?

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago: It was all very organic, to be honest. We were both doing our own things which sometimes involved playing together, and this became more and more frequent until, in the end, we started going out as a duo.

EG: So you’re married and you work together, what’s it like basically being together 24/7?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: Fortunately we have a very strong relationship and we love each other dearly, so if anything it’s a blessing that we get to share this adventure together. Any touring artist will tell you what a lonely experience it is traveling on your own all the time and it’s honestly great that we get to share the experience together.

EG: Ibiza is your home now, how did you break into the scene there, was it hard?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: It wasn’t easy and it is still isn’t easy. For every ‘yes’ you receive, you’ve had to hear ‘no’ at least ten times. This is something we still experience to this day, but you just have to keep going. Other times you get remarkable amounts of luck which is obviously incredible. It’s a definite rollercoaster with constant ups & downs!

“Every gig we’ve been lucky enough to play has given us some amazing experiences”

EG: You had a busy 2018 playing at the Privilege opening party, Pure Pacha, Café Mambo, Ushuaia, and Amnesia and a handful of the world’s biggest festivals such as We Are FSTVL, Creamfields, and Tomorrowland, and now you’re in the middle of a tour, what have been your favorite experiences?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: Every gig we’ve been lucky enough to play has given us some amazing experiences but I think the one that always gives us a few goosebumps every time we play is Café Mambo. There is always a certain energy there with everyone that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Huge smiles all around!

EG: You’ve also worked with some big brands like Mercedes Benz, Dolce & Gabbana and Tommy Hilfiger. How have these benefitted your career?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: I wouldn’t say that they’ve benefitted our careers in anyway but it’s always nice to work closely with a brand and help to curate the perfect show, especially for their brief. Dolce & Gabbana was probably our favorite past corporate event, who were an absolute pleasure to work for – plus their clothes fitted like a dream!

EG: What can we expect from your own summer residency and brand LACASA?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: We wanted to create a party that was like an extension of our home – hence we called it LACASA (meaning the house in Spanish). Egos to be left at the door and just good music! Your perfect house party basically ☺

EG: Lots of exciting things still to come! But what’s the highest point of 2019 so far?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago:  Definitely our return to Ibiza Rocks. We are buzzing to be invited back again for a five-week residency there this summer. It’s such a great venue to play in and dream stage to perform on.

EG: Last year you released an original track ‘Just Want Your Body’, can we expect more music from you soon?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago:  You most definitely can! We’ve got a few tracks that are in the final stages of production, and then we can start sending them out to some labels. Watch this space…

EG: Is it difficult to play so many gigs and create in the studio as well?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: Yes! Playing on any gig really is just the execution of what we do as so much stuff goes on beforehand. With these commitments, our biggest struggle is getting in the studio but we’ve found the only way we can make it happen is to book time off to go and spend it locked away in the studio with an engineer!

“We wanted to create a party that was like an extension of our home – hence we called it LACASA”

EG: What do you think your biggest achievements are so far and what do you want to do next?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: I don’t think we’re conceited enough to start talking about big achievements, but what we want next is definitely our releases to be successful. Once that happens, I think that’s when we will feel fulfilled or like we’ve had a big achievement.

EG: What do you have planned after the summer is over?

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago: We’ve already got a tour of Asia lined up so I think we will be going to try and fit a little holiday in around that continent while we’re over there. A well-needed break after a crazy summer season!

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