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Magdalena: “I’m very looking forward to my first EP on Diynamic”

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Not many people knew that Magdalena has been part of the Diynamic family since the very beginning, but initially chose to remain in the background. For long years she used to run the label’s renowned EGO club in Hamburg, getting acquainted with every aspect that was essential to a good party. With constant contact to the scene’s most prolific artists, she soon discovered her desire to get behind the decks. After starting her own regular night at EGO, word got out and her calendar began filling up with bookings in clubs like Berlin’s Watergate, London’s EGG or Ibiza’s Pacha, as well as worldwide Diynamic Showcases and Festivals.

Now with a full DJ schedule, we had the chance to talk with Magdalena about her plans for this year.

Electronic Groove: Hi Magdalena, welcome! You’ve been a part of the Diynamic family since the beginning. How did it feel being the label’s first lady?

Magdalena: Thanks to you for inviting me. It’s true, it’s been a long time and it’s very exciting to see how Diynamic has evolved throughout the years. I’ve known a few of the guys for a very long time and they were real gentlemen when I started behind the decks for the first time. For example, checking if everything was set up correctly or bringing me a drink and so on. That was a big help and it felt very good, considering how nervous I was in the early days of djing.

EG: What pressures (if any) did you feel when it came to play at Diynamic parties?

Magdalena: Of course it’s always been a lot of pressure to perform on the big stages among the guys who are all playing on a very high level. So naturally, I’m always giving my best.

EG: When was the moment that you realized you had a passion for being behind the decks?

Magdalena: To be honest I think it was back in the days at EGO club in Hamburg when I had to take over for an artist whose flight was canceled. It was then when I noticed how much fun it is to play in front of people, and the incredible feedback received encouraged me to really give it a try in a professional way.

EG: You’re now starting to break out on your own as an artist. What is it about now that makes this moment the right time for you to do so?

Magdalena: I’ve always wanted to release my own music and remixes. It just feels like now is the right time to do it.

“I’m always giving my best”

EG: Exciting times lie ahead with your first productions being released. How are you feeling?

Magdalena: I feel really good! It was an exciting start with the release of my first track on the ’10 Years Diynamic’ compilation and my remix for Moby – what more could you ask for?!

And of course, to release my own EP on my good friend Anja Schneider’s sublabel is fantastic. Remixing certain tracks is also a lot of fun. And there are even more exciting things coming this year.

EG: Now that you’re producing your own tracks, where would you like to take your career and what is the aim for 2018?

Magdalena: I’m super excited for 2018, there’s a new remix coming very soon, so keep your ears open! I’m very looking forward to my first EP on Diynamic, which will be out this summer. Be prepared!

EG: You’re heading on tour, with some dates including locations in South America. What are you most looking forward to about being on the road?

Magdalena: It’s a real privilege to be able to play in so many different countries. Right now I’m in Mexico, before that I was in Ecuador – it’s so amazing to get to know so many different people and experience their cultures and lifestyles. There are always funny situations too, for example when you’re trying to communicate with your taxi driver and end up using a lot of hand signals and gestures and few words to get to the destination.

But for me, the most important thing while being on tour is the food! It makes me so happy to try local specialties in different countries and to watch how it is prepared – I love it!

EG: You had your first residency back in 2016 in Ibiza. What were you feeling prior to hitting the stage and how did you prepare for the event?

Magdalena: To be honest the Ibiza residency last year was a big surprise. Of course, it was a lot of pressure too, because I had to take care of so many things myself. It’s a good thing I had experience in running a club so I was used to organizing everything and handling the logistics and related topics. It was a new challenge every week.

It was also interesting to see who was coming to the Island in the summertime because all the different influences were reflecting in the music that I played. Playing my Radio Show at the Ibiza Sonica studio was a lot of fun as well. I know the crew very well so I always felt welcome and comfortable when I played there. Sometimes even so comfortable that I forgot I was being recorded live… (laughs)

Overall it was a very exciting year for me in Ibiza with gigs at Destino (Solomun + LIVE closing), Pacha (50th-anniversary party, Solomun +1 closing) or DC10 (Diynamic Showcase). And the 2018 season doesn’t look too bad either, I have to say. 

EG: From your first residency back in 2016, to today, how have you seen yourself develop as a performer?

Magdalena: Music-wise I have grown and I’ve become much more relaxed. But of course, it still exciting every time! For me, personally, the best thing is the reaction of my friends and of course the whole audience when I’m performing. They are so excited and happy every time I play – it’s the best reward I can get. It’s also nice to get positive feedback from staff members at the clubs because they are working there every day and night.

EG: You’re known for attending parties and after parties with a group of girls affectionately known as ‘ponies’. Where did the nickname originate from?

Magdalena: (Laughs) I love to be on tour with my friends so one night there was a stage manager who asked me “Where are your ponies?”. I laughed and told him they were coming in a minute 😉

EG: Why is it important for you to have the ‘ponies’ alongside you at events?

Magdalena: I wouldn’t say it’s important, but it’s nice to have fun in a group, isn’t it? They all know each other very well and there’s always someone new joining the group. I think this is what it’s all about. I love to connect people that way.

“Music-wise I have grown and I’ve become much more relaxed”

EG: Going back to the early days of your career, you were a promoter running club EGO in Hamburg. What are some of the party essential skills that you learned there, that you now value and practice moving forward with your own work?

Magdalena: When running a club, it’s essential to have good organizational skills and to be in sync with the logistics and timetables. So I know what it feels like when something doesn’t go as planned. I think this is why I perhaps handle things differently on stage. I could always see how much work it is and how difficult it could be to take the audience on a musical journey. This helped me a lot when I started performing myself.

EG: Speaking of Hamburg, you now host EGO AIR on an annual basis in your hometown. Tell us a bit about the event and what’s the vision for this Summer?

Magdalena: EGO AIR has become my baby, it’s the legacy that remains from the club. I can’t believe it’s already going to be the 8th edition this year…

It’s always a lot of work, there’s so much planning and logistics so I’m already in the preparing process. It’s just so much fun to have a great time with my fellow Hamburg people. I love seeing their happy faces every year, so at the end of the day all the hard work pays off 🙂

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