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Markus Volker: “Music Is Sharing, So Never Stop Doing It!”

Markus Volker: “Music is sharing, so never stop doing it!”

Distilling a deep and melodious techno, Markus Volker belongs to the new electronic wave. Years after years his style emerged like a musical search forging a very personal color. Mastering his various influences brilliantly, his techno comes out in a streamlined style, combining powerful rhythmic, colorful melodies and contrasted progressions. On stage, he transforms this humility to recenter the public on his own tempo, like a missing vector allowing to touch the soul, federating the dancefloor with an authentic and sincere freshness.

We caught up with Markus Volker to talk about his new release ‘Lost Inside’ on Dimension Music.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Markus, thanks for the time. You about to release a new EP on Dimension Music titled ‘Lost Inside’. Tells us about the production process behind it?

Markus Volker: Hello, Electronic Groove! The track ‘Lost Inside’ was made with a simple idea behind, catch a feeling that we all go through sometimes, and make something everybody can understand. It was made with simple stuff, some samples for the vocals and a few plugins, nothing really fancy. It’s a track that has for vocation to make you dance and to give moving sensation, let yourself get lost inside, dive deep in my dimension through it!

EG: The EP has a remix by Teho. How was he chosen for this task?

Markus Volker: Teho and I are friends beside music, and when I started Dimension Music, it was clear that he has to be a part of it! Music is sharing, so never stop doing it!

EG: This seems to be your first release with Dimension. How did the connection of doing this EP came to reality?

Markus Volker: Dimension Music is something I was thinking about for some time ago, making my own label, to express my music the way I feel it, with no boundaries. After many months of thinking about what to release and with who, I had this feeling of being “lost inside”, so the answer was here naturally!

EG: Talking about producing. Are you inspired by your surroundings? Does your location influence the outcome?

Markus Volker: Yes, I think so, hard to say where the inspiration comes from exactly, but the little piece of nature and river around the place I live are certainly some inspirations for me. Nature teaches you how you can be calm and powerful at the same time.

EG: Give us a verbal description of your studio, and what is your favorite piece of equipment?

Markus Volker: My studio is a simple place, with fridge and couch, enough to spends hours and days into it. My favorite piece of gear is my UAD, sounds amazing and it was truly a game changing for me when I started working with this tool.

EG: Talking about DJing, what is your dream venue?

Markus Volker: Wow that’s a hard question! There are so many places out there where you can express, so many different crowds! Based on a club point of view I would say maybe Egg Club in London, it looks really underground and fun to play there On a festival side I think that playing at Dour Festival can be something crazy!

EG: Can you give us some insight into the preparations of your sets?

Markus Volker: I practice a lot, find good matches between tracks, then practice again, and try to add tracks between a good match, to expend the coherence of the DJ set.

EG: What Markus Volker likes to do in his free time?

Markus Volker: I love to watch movies and anime, I’m a food lover especially when we talk about sugar stuff (laughs), spending time with family and friends, and enjoy life as much as I can!

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