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Marymoon: “Electronic Music Helped Me To Be The Real Me”

Marymoon: “Electronic music helped me to be the real me”

An ingenuitive emotive and deep tech house artist and producer Marymoon’s distinctive sound goes beyond what emanates from nightclub speakers. Her performance can be marked by her reflective, humble and compassionate demeanor that exudes a pure passion for music and art, which she utilizes to connect deeply with her audience to bring about an authentically interactive and magical music experience.

Currently based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Marymoon holds a degree from the esteemed Sotheby’s Institute of Arts in London. Not satisfied with contemporary approaches to acquiring knowledge, she has spent several years chasing an obsession with electronic sounds and digital visual arts performances around the globe.

She is currently working on her next EP release, a deliciously dirty, driving, yet strangely romantic tech house affair that is certain to be a serious late night dance floor weapon for DJs in all corners of the nightclub circuit.

We had the pleasure of spending some time getting to know more about this talented artist and her continued fascination with honing her skills as a DJ and producer.

EG: Hello there Mary, we are so happy you could join us. Could you give us a brief run-down of your relationship with electronic music and how it’s contributed to your development as an artist?

Marymoon: Thank you very much for your invitation, it is a pleasure for me to join you at Electronic Groove. For you to understand how electronic music contributed to my development as an artist, I would like to talk about my life before electronic music stepped into my life. I was one more employee from Russian Government, working for the Ministry of Culture. I was working in a Russian museum, with very strict conditions. I was feeling like behind walls. I didn’t have the opportunity to think or live outside the box. Electronic music broke down all the walls and boundaries. Electronic music helped me to be the real me. Inspired me by giving me freedom and happiness. It opened my heart, it makes me feel emotional and connected to people. It gives me joy and opportunities every day to be creative by being me. Now I feel more confident and I love sharing my art with others.

EG: You have quite the impressive educational repertoire. Have you always had a thirst for knowledge in the traditional sense? And do you think it has enhanced your skills as a music producer and DJ?

Marymoon: Yes, I have always had a thirst for knowledge. I have a Master in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art of London, and I have been very curious all my life for new information and trends. Discipline is the key. All of this experience and background helped me to challenge and exceed myself in everything I do. This education helped me to bring singularity to my creative art and music.

EG: Do you consider yourself an avid fan of vinyl or do you prefer the technological software approaches when putting a set together?

Marymoon: Yes, definitely, I do like vinyl but new technologies give me a spectrum of multiple possibilities to add to the set, for example using loops, effects and layers.

“I do like vinyl but new technologies give me a spectrum of multiple possibilities”

EG: If you had to pick a musical era that you would like to experience and DJ in which would it be and why?

Marymoon: It would be house music’s golden era from 1980’s nightclubs of Chicago and Detroit techno.

EG: Can you talk about your recent Ibiza’s Woomoon performances this Summer?

Marymoon: This season Woomoon has been incredible. It is really an Ibiza-born concept party. The venue is simply magical with its tribe of nomadic underground artists, built around an ancient cave. I enjoyed performing in such inspirational environment and surrounded by talented and original artists. I listened to the best sets of my life in this party. When Behrouz and Audiofly played back-to-back I felt hypnotized by the whole experience.

EG: Any other highlight worth mentioning?

Marymoon: The historical closing of El Chiringuito Ibiza. Also, an outstanding venue that is El Chiringuito Dubai. I performed on both parties.

EG: What is your absolute favorite part about being a DJ/producer? Do you think it’s important to have extensive experience in DJing before you step into the studio to produce a track?

Marymoon: My favorite part about being a DJ/producer is being the person who gets to create minutes of dancing bliss for people to show their passion, their love, the happiness, the energy and enthusiasm for the music we all love.

I love testing out new songs I make. It’s such a cool feeling to play something out to a crowd for the first time ever and see the reaction of it. I enjoy reading the dance floor and bringing a new vibe into existence by creating experiences. It’s important for the producer to know what makes people dance.

“This season Woomoon has been incredible”

EG: Could you tell us a little bit about your Burning Man experience? Would you recommend everyone attend it at least once in their lifetime?

Marymoon: Burning Man was for me a life changing experience and I would definitely recommend anyone to attend it. I can assure, you will never regret or forget your first time there. Your wishes and dreams will come true in this incredible wonderland.

This was the place, where for the first time I saw how people express themselves with no limits. Through kindness and giving for nothing in return. This experience changed my perception of life. It woke up my inner artistic side which was scared to show itself before. I was somehow reborn during Burning Man and it awakened a transformation from a very cautious and ordinary life to who I am today; an individual full of passion craziness, creativity and love.

EG: What does the rest of 2017 look like for Marymoon?

Marymoon: More touring, at the moment I’m in Madrid. I will be playing in Dakar, Senegal, for the first Dakar Electronic Music Festival ever, where I will be sharing stage with the artist that inspired me at my first Burning Man: Francesca Lombardo. She was the one who played the music I never heard before and made me dream about creating my own electronic music. Also, I’m looking forward to get time in the studio to finish off a few new projects.

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