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Mathame: “We Try To Be Clear In Our Vision And Lifestyle”

Mathame: “We try to be clear in our vision and lifestyle”

Mathame is the audio project born from the brothers Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli. They grew on their parents ‘Radio Taxi’ remnants, a rock-based radio in northern Italy along the 80’s. In 2013, while living in a forest at the slopes of the most active volcano in Europe, the Mount Etna, they started to work together and develop their unique sound.

We caught up with Mathame to talk about his current musical projects.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Amedeo and Matteo. How was last weekend?

Mathame: Just amazing, one of the best ever, we played in a row at Hï Ibiza, Casablanca and Beirut AHM. Also we tried our new ‘Summervibe’ track.

Electronic Groove: Tell us a bit about your musical backgrounds and how you ended up doing music together?

Mathame: We are brothers with 12 years of difference. Matteo started to do music a lot of years ago and when Amedeo grew up was natural to do something together.

Electronic Groove: Would you say your working relationship is smooth or do you guys find conflict once in a while?

Mathame: Being brothers and colleagues can be challenging. You find conflict but definitely you find a way to synthesize the different positions and move forward. It works apparently.

Electronic Groove: What about the creative process. Have you ever reached a creative block? Do you have any techniques to keep the music flowing?

Mathame: Creative process is undefined for definition. We try to be clear in our vision and lifestyle to be more focused on music. Be one, you know… Some wave of thinking said that artists are like an aerial that takes signals… It is our way.

“We know Matteo and Carm since their first releases on Life and Death. Demo by demo the collaboration shifted to Afterlife”

EG: Following the successful ‘Nothing Around Us’ you recently released ‘Skywalking’ on Afterlife. Tell us about the inspiration behind this release?

Mathame: Inspiration is something you can’t explain but there is in both tracks.

EG: How did your relationship with Afterlife began?

Mathame: We know Matteo and Carm since their first releases on Life and Death. Demo by demo the collaboration shifted to Afterlife. Then it was natural to do it together and being part of the crew.


EG: Do you have any other releases lineup for the rest of the year?

Mathame: Of course but we can’t say anything at the moment, stay tuned for more info.

EG: How about gigs? What are your plans for the summer?

Mathame: A lot. Right now we have Tomorrowland, Untold and Hï Ibiza on August 15th with Afterlife. It is going to be massive.

“Being brothers and colleagues can be challenging”

EG: What are your favorite places to play at in terms of festivals and clubs?

Mathame: Last time in Beirut was totally insane… Warehouses are the place we can do best.

EG: What do you guys like to enjoy aside from music? Any hobbies? Guilty pleasures?

Mathame: Cress, Gym, Apex and Philosophic essays 🙂 Matteo is an award-winning director and audiovisual artist; Amedeo is a sneakerhead (laughs) and fashion addicted.

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