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Mathias Treinen: “I took what I like from my favorite genres and mix it together”

Mathias Treinen is an upcoming DJ/Producer, originally from Luxembourg who started his career in March 2016. At the age of 14 he found his passion for electronic music, starting DJing and producing two years later, and having monthly gigs at underground techno and tech-house in Luxembourg’s venues such as the Studio 21, Epic, Spot 48, Golden Club, Melusina, Lenox Club, among others.

With having his first international experiences at the Hague’s Magistrat and later in Berlin at Kosmonaut and Suicide Circus, he became a crew member of Lauter Unfug Musik, a well-known Luxembourg-Berlin based Label.

We caught up with Mathias Treinen to talk about his debut EP ‘Polygone’.

Electronic Groove: Hi Mathias, thanks for your time. How did you get involved with electronic music?

Mathias Treinen: Hello there. It all started when I was a little boy at the age of 8 or 9 that I listened to electro house from artists like DJ Blend and Laurent Wolf, among others. Through the years I moved to house and deep house as well as garage and UK house. Finally, at the age of 16, I started DJing as a duo with my best friend as Two Patterns, and then I launched my solo project as Kitchenguard, which became Mathias Treinen last year. I’ve been producing for 3 years now and finally, my first EP was released which for me was one of the biggest highlights of my musical career. This was only possible because I became a member of Lauter Unfug Musik 2 years ago.

EG: What are your thoughts about your musical development throughout the years?

Mathias Treinen: As I said, my DJing career began with garage, UK and deep house, then I started playing techno and tech house. Recently I get interested in melodic and more emotional sounds.

In terms of producing, I’ve always wanted to create techno and tech house tracks until I realized that my music is a blend where I create my own style, I take inspiration from my favorite genres and mix them together.

EG: You recently release The ‘Polygone’ EP  which includes 3 original tracks and 1 remix. Can you describe the production process behind them?

Mathias Treinen: I worked a very long time on these 3 tracks. The first one, ‘Polygone’, was actually the first track I ever made. It took me at least one year and a lot of experimentation until I was satisfied with the result. After that, there is ‘Polar’, which was also a very intense project that I created with two wonderful artists, Anne Funk on the vocals, and Tristan Vaisière with his incredible guitar experience. Together we made this song and had a lot of fun during that time.

There’s also the re-work of ‘Polar’ which is my own personal version, where I added more power and melodies to the song. Finally, there is the remix by Grazziano Raffa of ‘Polygone’, that is a more relaxed and less melancholic than the original version.

EG: What’s the difference between the first and the second version of the ‘Polar’ track?

Mathias Treinen: This version was my very own re-work that I did with a faster and more progressive house oriented style.

EG: Who selected Graziano Raffa for the remix?

Mathias Treinen: I did not select him but our label suggested him and I agreed because his style fits very well with my EP.

EG: We are about to reach the first half of 2019. Can you mention some of the years’ highlights for you?

Mathias Treinen: Well there are quite a few. The year started with a great gig at Suicide Circus in Berlin that was the 2nd time at the club and my third time in Berlin. After that, there was a big party at the belval campus in Luxembourg’s Rave the Cube, which was over my expectations because there were hundreds of people. Finally, of course, the release of my first EP is the biggest highlight so far.

EG: What are you planning for the summer season? Any special gig you are especially looking forward?

Mathias Treinen: Producing, producing and studying for school. At the moment there aren’t really any special gigs except for Duke’s Night on June 22nd  with my back-to-back partner Friedrich. I’m really looking forward to that night.

EG: What would you like to achieve during this year?

Mathias Treinen: This year I want to have an unforgettable summer and hopefully have enough time to make another EP and send my demos, but my greatest goal is to graduate in 2020 and then move to Berlin.

Mathias Treinen’s ‘Polygone’ EP is now available on Lauter Unfug Musik. Grab your copy here.

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