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Matt Sassari: “I Think I Use A Unique Way To Produce My Music And Create This Sound”

Matt Sassari: “I think I use a unique way to produce my music and create this sound”

Being considered relatively fresh on the scene, Marseille-based Dj and producer Matt Sassari has suitably proven his strength in both the studio and behind the decks. With releases on notable labels such as Terminal M, Intec, Tronic, Relief and Sci + Tec, his unique blend of techno and tech house steers his career the way he wants.

We caught with Matt Sassari to talk about his current plans,  musical influences and summer dates.

EG: Hi Matt, thanks for your time. Can you let us know a bit about your initial days with Electronic music? How did it all begin?

Matt Sassari: Hey thanks for having me! I used to be a rap/hip-hop enthusiast but after listening for the first time to Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ track I was like “What is that? I love it”. That was my first encounter with the genre. Then I tried to learn more about the different styles and find what I really liked.

EG: You are originally from Marseille. How’s the scene over there? Are there any clubs or any movement going on?

Matt Sassari: Yes! I’m from Marseille and it’s definitely a soccer city but not an electronic one, the scene is really quiet here. We had one legendary club for almost 20 years but they closed a few months ago. Now the best option is R2 Rooftop but unfortunately works only during the summer… Then we have some commercial clubs and a small underground venue.

EG: What artists have inspired you to produce and play techno?

Matt Sassari: I was really inspired by Carlo Lio, The Junkies all these guys from Rawthentic Records. I like this groove, that’s why I tried to do my own style, something raw and groovy but not too heavy. Even when I play I’m really picky, I need to find the right tracks who define me.

EG: Your recent release on Moan Recordings is titled ‘Unique’. What can you tell us about the production process behind it?

Matt Sassari: There is nothing particular about this one but this track defines my style perfectly. That’s why I called ‘Unique’, because I think I use a unique method to produce my music and create this sound. It’s the best quality but it comes with something different than all the other tracks out there. I only used samples and I was really picky with the loops.

EG: Are you currently working on new material?

Matt Sassari: Sure, I’m always working on new music and already have some bangers finished. Really looking forward to releasing them.

EG: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Matt Sassari: A great release is coming soon on Intec Digital, and a lot of great dates are already confirmed!

EG: What does Matt Sassari like to do when he is not producing or playing techno?

Matt Sassari: I love to enjoy a good restaurant, go to the cinema, shopping with my friends and girlfriend. I’m an addict of cars, sneakers, fashion, food, watches and soccer, so Ii try to be busy everyday with these hoobies 🙂

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