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Maury Tripp: ‘It is a difficult road but you always have to stay strong and fight for your dreams’

Dj Producer Maury Tripp was born in Barranquilla Colombia in 1985 and he started his musical history at the age of 15, where he began to undertake his vocations for music. The Colombian artist began his percussion studies and in his transcendence, and quickly get into house music influenced by a pioneering generation of electronic music.

As a  tech house and deep house producer, Maury Tripp has achieved a place in several labels such as Cubek Records, Survivor records, R3life & Music Label, Relyt Records, Happy Play House, 0212Records, and Baikonur Recordings.

We caught up with Maury Tripp to talk about his recent ‘Freaky’ EP for Baikonur Recordings.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Maury, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How have you been holding up? How are things looking at the moment in Colombia?

Maury Tripp: Hello! I’m good, thank you. At a general, level I think that all the countries in the world are going through the same situation due to the Covid-19 crisis, which has generated many deaths and people in bankruptcy. But let’s wait, and, hopefully, soon everything will be back to normal.

Electronic Groove: What’s the electronic music scene like in your country? How did you get entangled with it all?

Maury Tripp: The scene in my country has been growing over the years, we are already on the map of the electronic scene, where there are new exponents of various sub-genres, quality producers, great bookings, and festivals. Since I was little I liked electronic genres, like trance and house. where my tastes grew and I decided to enter the world of music and become a DJ.

Electronic Groove: Did you have any previous musical experience before getting started as a DJ and producer? What were your first interactions with music like? Did you have a favorite record growing up?

Maury Tripp: Yes. In my adolescence, I began to take music courses and to understand the basics of each instrument, but I focused on percussion. I began to train myself musically for the interpretation of the drums in different genres. I began to like diverse genres, such as rock, hip hop, jazz and I learned a little about each of them. I had a garage rock band with several friends as well. We used to compose songs, but it was all a hobby at that time. We thought about continuing but everything took a different direction.

I liked several albums but the one I remember the most from that time was ‘I Like To Move It’, by Reel 2 Real and producer Erick Morillo, who was one of those who inspired me to pursue this career.

Electronic Groove: Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have any other hobbies outside of music?

Maury Tripp: Well, my inspiration comes in the least expected moments. I believe that each producer has their own moments, in the moments of silence or in the street, obtaining sounds from the day-to-day environment of people, collecting all that information and ideas, and being able to translate them into production…In my moments of rest, I like to read, play basketball, go out with my family to share, and get out of the monotony.

” In ‘Freaky’ I focus on atmospheric sounds with catchy groove lines, wide bass, crazy vocals,
and wonderful percussion

Electronic Groove: Let’s dive into your studio and music. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before? What’s your studio like? Do you work mostly ‘inside-the-box’?

Maury Tripp: My sound is based on the atmospheres, percussions with a good groove that characterizes me. I have a small home studio suitable for a better sound with basic production equipment where my imagination comes into play, putting ideas into the equipment. It is my favorite place where I not only make music but also gives me the necessary tranquility and a lot of absolute peace.

Electronic Groove: Now you’ve got a brand new release out via Baikonur Recordings with ‘Freaky’. What’s this one about? What can we expect from this EP?

Maury Tripp: Well, first of all, thank the Baikonur family for their support. In ‘Freaky’ I focus on atmospheric sounds with catchy groove lines, wide bass, crazy vocals, and wonderful percussion. It is one of the best EPs that I have produced and, personally, I am very satisfied with the results. The other track that is part of this EP is ‘Landing’, a little darker, minimalistic, but without leaving aside a catchy groove that makes you move the body.

Electronic Groove: What advice would you give to someone starting out as a producer? What is the most important piece of advice you would have like to know about when you first started?

Maury Tripp: My advice is that you have to feel passion for what you do, have a goal, and have the discipline to do everything with love and patience. It is a difficult road but you always have to stay strong and fight for your dreams. I would like to have a person guiding me through this whole process, but sometimes that is all about having the experience of life and falling and getting up, again and again, and thus learning.

Electronic Groove: What’s your biggest aspiration as an artist? What is your big dream?

Maury Tripp: Well, my greatest aspiration is to play at many festivals and motivate people to dance to my music, to make them enjoy how wonderful music is. My big dream is not fame, I don’t do this for money. Just the recognition of people, and having my music heard all over the world. Also, I would love to be able to help support new talent DJs and producers who can show their skills.

“My advice is that you have to feel passion for what you do, have a goal, and have the discipline to do everything
with love and patience”

Electronic Groove: What’s in store for Maury for the rest of 2021? What new milestones are you are looking forward to?

Maury Tripp: It has been a complicated year, but by the end of September I will be inaugurating my brand, ‘The Mountain Ground’, in the city of Medellin, Colombia. It is a space to support local artists and the culture in a more independent way, by focusing on the union of the electronic movement. In the field of production, new EP’s are coming in several labels and I will inform them through my social networks.

Electronic Groove: Thank you for sitting down with us guys! We wish you all the best for the future!

Maury Tripp: Thanks to you for giving me this space in your magazine!

Maury Tripp’s ‘Freaky’ EP is out now on Baiknour Recordings. Purchase your copy here.

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