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Meggy: “Nothing Beats An 808 Or 909 Drum Machine When It Comes To Sounds And Styles”

Meggy: “Nothing beats an 808 or 909 drum machine when it comes to sounds and styles”

Meggy’s style involves a House sound with a passion for melodies and vocals where she occasionally grabs the mic and sings on top of her DJ sets.

Her vocal talent did not go unnoticed and studio collaborations with David Keno, Channel X, Ruede Haegelstein, and Suol’s Till Von Sein ensued. We had the chance to speak with her ahead of her gig at Miami’s infamous Electric Pickle.

Electronic Groove: Hi Meggy, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. To get things started can you tell how you got into Dance Music?

Meggy: I got interested in dance music and first of all in Berlin night clubs through older friends and my brother around 2004/5. It quickly became an addiction.

Electronic Groove: You recently released Two Thirteen on Suol Records. What can you tell us about the production of the EP?

Meggy: On Two Thirteen I worked with a handful of people together whose musical and technical skills I very much appreciate. Since I’m still not able to produce all by myself I went to the studio with Till von Sein, Tigerskin and Marlon Hoffstadt and they helped me realizing my ideas. Also there’s a feature with Hollis P Monroe on it. He was in Canada at that time, therefore I picked one of his beats and wrote a song on it.

Electronic Groove: Talking about studio gadgets, what are your favorite ones? Do you enjoy any old school equipment or is it mostly software?

Meggy: First of all I am not a technical gear person – my main tools would be paper, pen and a microphone. I went to a private university for a single semester some years ago where I started working with LogicPro and I am now trying to improve my skills when working with Logic and Ableton again, since my focus has been mainly on writing songs and melodies the past year. But nothing beats an 808 or 909 drum machine when it comes to sounds and styles if you ask me.

Electronic Groove: We are big fans of Till Von Sein and his style. What is it like to work with him?

Meggy: He’s an easy person to hang with and we share a lot of the same interest in music and music making. Things never get complicated while working with him and he’s always up for discourses of any kind. Never boring.

Electronic Groove: Do you have any other releases planned for 2017? 

Meggy: I am still working on my debut album with two very close friends. It’s not going to be an electronic LP, for the first time since years I wrote personal songs which reflect my emotional ride during the last lets say 5 years or so. I changed my mind regarding so many things through experiences and thats what this album is about.

Electronic Groove: You are set to play this weekend at the Electric Pickle. How are you preparing for your Miami debut?

Meggy : You mean besides taking my bikini? I digged some promos, shopped some classics and new releases like I always do.

Electronic Groove: What are some of your favorite 3 tracks on rotation?


1. Snax, Ianeq – It Ain’t Love (Defected)
2. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Space Cadets (Exotic Series)
3. Johannes Albert – Frentic Moment (Christopher Rau Remix) (Klamauk)

Electronic Groove: What do you like to listen when you’re chilling out and unwinding?

Meggy: R’n’B, Hip Hop and Funk. Also singer songwriter stuff if its not too cheesy.

Sub-Motus Presents: Meggy (SUOL) will be taking place February 4th at The Electric Pickle, Miami.

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