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Mødelers: “I want my music to be poetic, melodic and most of all, to have a soul”

The Mødelers’ project is the brainchild of modelling music with a unique and innovative style, focused on high quality live music performances. Thanks to a rich musical knowledge, Mødelers has been playing in parties and festivals all over the world. Mødelers has more than one decade of experience in the music industry. Because of that, he is often approached by many famous bands to do remixes and he has also signed records and projects with other artists.

The Mødelers‘ musical genre is characterized by sounds that range from deep house to techno music combined with electronics influences. Mødelers is involved in the newest music trends that are always in evolution but he is also bound to the “old ways”. That is why he is used to playing live & DJ set with CDs and vinyl records, using computers and keyboards.

We had the chance to talk with Mødelers about his new LP entitled ‘Galaxy’.

Electronic Groove: Hey, Modelers, welcome to EG. Introduce yourself to us and our readers. Can you give us some background info?

Mødelers: Hello, guys, thanks for this interview. I am very happy to have a chat with you. My name is Chris AKA Mødelers, I have chosen this name because I like to “model” the music according to my taste, in fact, 99% is produced by me. I love to listen and produce electronic beats, but also melodic techno…  I want my music to be poetic, melodic, and most of all, to have a soul!

EG: You are based in Southern Italy… How hard has the lockdown been, and how are you spending your time to get through it?

Mødelers: It is difficult for the whole country, I try to stay home as much as possible, I only go out to buy groceries. I mostly spend my time reading some good books, or listening and producing music.

EG: Tell us about your album ‘Galaxy’. What was the inspiration to produce it?

Mødelers: ‘Galaxy’ is an 8-track melodic techno and electronic album, it gives a great “push” to the dancefloor, but it is also great for listening in other places. It is inspired by house melodies and techno beats. The LP was released in 2020 but all the tracks have been produced during 2018 and 2019.

EG: Was there a plan for starting producing the album? Maybe one moment that you decided you would start? 

Mødelers: There was a great desire to stream my music, I wanted to do an album for many years and finally I have made it. Luckily I have heard that my music is currently played by many important DJs which is always nice to know.

“I have chosen this name because I like to “model” the music according to my taste, in fact, 99% is produced by me”

EG: What gear did you use on it, anything that really defines the music you think?

Mødelers: I use Cubase 5 as Daw to compose my tracks. Moreover I have a synthesizer setup chosen accurately to match my musical genre. I also use a Moog Subsequent 37, a rack module Behringer Model D, a rack module Roland SE 02 and a Nord Electro 5 Hp. I manage the rhythmic part with two Roland Boutique TR 08 and TR 09. Regarding the mastering, I am currently using some Solis State Logic plug-in.

EG: Are you formally trained? There’s lots of melody on there – is that all just trial and error?

Mødelers: I have never attended any music school, I just “play by ear”. I try and retry many times and sometimes it comes out something good 🙂

EG: Tell us about the titles – are they all relating to astronomy?

Mødelers: Yes, they are all names of sisters stars that live in the same galaxy. They are among all the most visible and brightest stars.


EG: Do you produce differently for an album than a 12″?

Mødelers: The way to produce the albums and EPs is the same, I put an idea on the table and I create everything from it. The only difference is that when I do an album, I can have more space for my ideas, for example, doing a variety of “hard” and “soft” tracks.

EG: What else have you got coming up that you would like to share?

Mødelers: When everything goes back to normal after this COVID-19 pandemic, I hope to be able to share with you videos and pictures of my first date of the album tour.

EG: What will be the first thing you do when the lockdown is over?

Mødelers: I am going to stay in quarantine for a little while and I will be very cautious, for example, I won’t go to crowded places right after the end… I will do long walks on the seaside and I will slowly resume my album tour that has been canceled due to the current situation. I hope that after all this, we can all still have many happy memories from 2020.

Mødelers’s ‘Galaxy’ is now available. Grab your copy here

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