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Monkey Safari: “Our Music Is Much More Melodic And Emotional Now”

Monkey Safari: “Our music is much more melodic and emotional now”

The duo follow up their last LP, ‘Odyssey’, with this warm, inviting collection of music designed to brighten your day and complement the glorious sunny days that bless us during the summer. Sven and Lars learned some valuable lessons from their last long-player, and the new album ‘HI’ comes from a far more relaxed, easy-going place.

An organic project that came together quite naturally, their third album sees the duo in high spirits ready to bring a large dose of positive vibes and emotional depth to the party. With Lars about to welcome his first child, the duo are clearly full of goodwill, optimism and good vibrations and ‘HI’ is reflective of this positive headspace. Monkey Safari will be sure to touch all scopes of dance culture with no signs of deceleration on the horizon. Their mandate remains the same, sending sunny vibes to make even the darkest dance floors smile.

We caught up with Monkey Safari to talk about ‘HI’.

Electronic Groove: Hi, Monkey Safari, thanks for chatting with us. Congratulations about your new LP ‘Hi’. What’s the first word that comes to your mind regarding this achievement?

Monkey Safari: Hello all! A new chapter, since ‘HI’ stands for welcoming the beginning of a lot of new things.

EG: We really enjoyed ‘New Day’ premiere. What was the inspiration to produce this track?

Monkey Safari: I think ‘New Day’ is the perfect soundtrack for getting rid of things which bother you or starting a new chapter with a positive mind. In this sense you could also see it a bit as a symbol of the transformation we have been going through lately.

EG: What about the whole album. Any special focus on the sound you wanted to achieve?

Monkey Safari: We just recently decided to take a step back from the darker sounds and not to get influenced too much by the techno hype that has been happening lately. With this being said, we tried to produce a new sound that reflects our personality and what we are truly feeling. Our music is much more melodic and emotional now.

EG: How long did it take to produce the complete LP? Where it was recorded?

Monkey Safari: All of our songs are produced in our studio back home. The production of ‘HI’ took us about 6 months.

“HI stands for welcoming the beginning of a lot of new things”

EG: What would you say is the difference between ‘HI’ and ‘Odyssey’?

Monkey Safari: They are quite contrary. ‘Odyssey‘ was way deeper in comparison with ‘HI’ which is full of positive and happy sounds. You could say it’s the perfect summer soundtrack 🙂

EG: Any tours planned in order to promote the album?

Monkey Safari: We have a couple of shows coming up in India and a release party in our hometown. But since the festival season is right around the corner, we have plenty of possibilities to promote the album.

EG: Summer is here. What are your plans for the warm season?

Monkey Safari: We love all kind of outdoor parties, so we are really looking forward to that kind of shows. It’s always nice to play outside in the sun or a warm summer night and to have a good time with the crowd.

EG: What’s the origin of the Monkey Safari name?

Monkey Safari: We always wanted to produce happy songs which help people to enjoy themselves and make them forget about their everyday life. Kind of like you feel on vacation. I guess with this thought at some point the name ‘Monkey Safari’ just came up.

Monkey Safari’s ‘HI’ is already available. Stream and buy here

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