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Moonbootica: “We try to stay true to ourselves, authenticity is the most valuable good”

As a DJ and production team, Moonbootica has represented maximum torsion since 1999. But endurance is merely one of the Hanseatic duo’s most distinguished qualities. Together they represent a bulwark against inconstancy and are nevertheless always ready to smash borders. Including their own. With
Moonbotica, everybody has the freedom to say no to grey.

We had the chance to speak with them aligned to the 15 years celebration of their label, Moonbootique.

Electronic Groove: Hi guys, thanks for the time to chat with us. It’s been two decades now working non-stop and doing a great musical job. Has your lives – both, personally and professionally speaking – changed during the past 20 years?

Moonbotica: We as Moonbootica have changed a lot over the past 20 years of course, personally and professionally speaking, that’s a normal process. In the end, the Internet and the technical development changed everything. We’re not playing with vinyl records any more 😉 and we’re way more into that social media thing, or let’s say, we HAVE to!

It’s like a flood of million of artists and DJ’s out there and it’s really tough to stay unique. But it’s great to see new followers, with every new record we’re releasing as Moonbootica and on Moonbootique as well. Everything has it’s good and not-so good sides.

As Moonbootica, we gained experience and changed style and form, too. We founded our label, we made all mistakes you could make, but that’s how you grow, and that’s how things develop. Time is always changing things, and we’re always trying to become better in what we do, personally and professionally speaking.

It have worked pretty good for us and we really appreciate the life we live!

Electronic Groove: At this point: can we say Moonbootica/Moonbootique work is synonymous of fun? 

Moonbotica: Synonymous of fun of course! We try to stay true to ourselves, authenticity is the most valueable good, and to be honest, we just stayed the way we are. If you do so, it’s easy to love how things are, even if it’s a lot of work for us!

Electronic Groove: As we said before, 20 years now in the radar Djing/Producing music for several labels… but your own imprint, Moonbootique is celebrating “15 Golden Years”. How do you feel about this important achievement?

Moonbootica: It’s quite strange to see how time is running. Remembering how it started, we did all mistakes you could do, seeing the label growing and helping artists to grow… that’s amazing. After focusing on us for a couple of years, we decided to concentrate on the label again sometime around 2014. Finding fresh artists and giving the label a new face was something very personal for us and with the likes of Curry & Krawall, FromDropTillDawn, Valentina Black & Less Hate, Julian Wassermann or Township Rebellion, we cannot wait for the next 15 years of Moonbootique!

Electronic Groove: To celebrate the milestone there is a compilation and tour, can you let us know some details about them?

Moonbootica: That’s true, we just released the ‘15 Golden Years of Moonbootique Records’ compilation, which includes two CD’s, mixed by our longterm buddy and Moonbootique family member Ante Perry.

The first CD takes us way back into the past, the second one includes our newest and recent label-tunes.

And we’re actually always on tour 😉 Playing for the rest of the year 2016 in Germany, and in January, it’s time for vacations!

Electronic Groove: To play in intimate clubs and festivals certainly requires a different dance floor devotes… Do you guys have any preference?

Moonbootica: We like both! Both types of crowds complete the game. We played a lot of festivals this summer, and we loved it. The intimacy in a club and the happiness in the eyes of the people is just giving us a huge kick. It’s impossible to say actually. If the crowd it’s in a good mood, and getting crazy whether it’s on the dancefloor or at a beach, everything’s perfect!

Electronic Groove: What are your favorite things when touring? Any special anecdote?

Moonbotica: Well, Tobi certainly likes sleeping. What we both love most is getting food, and treating yourself while traveling is always giving you comfort. And who doesnt like a little bit of comfort?!

Electronic Groove: What are the main pros and cons of working as a duo? 

Moonbootica: When it comes to studio work, bussiness choices and travel, there are only advantages. Sometimes when we are DJing things can complicate when both are not on the same emotional level. Then it gets hard to find the red threat. But we’re almost always on the same level, that’s why we’re still together 😉


Electronic Groove: Whats in the pipeline for Moonbotica?

Moonbootica: The festival and open-air season just ended. So far, we had an amazing summer! We’ll be staying busy until January. That’s our classic vacation month.

We played in Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, Zurich and a lot of our next gigs will take place in Germany. But the most important thing: We’re working on our fifth album – stay tuned!

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