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Moscoman: “Keep on going, release music, create”

Photo credit: Nuphar Blechner Photographer

Son of Israel, proprietor of record label Disco Halal and an increasingly influential figure in alternative club culture over the past few years, Moscoman has long been dancing to the beat of his own drum. From his beginnings across the dive bars of Tel Aviv, bridging the myriad sounds of his homeland with alien electronic excursions from much further afield, to his current success doing much of the same to ever-widening audiences, the musical boundaries of Moscoman have long since blurred, evolving only forward, effortlessly bridging the gap between new-wave, house, techno, trance and a sound increasingly all of his own.

In parallel with his restless studio experimentation, a relentless touring schedule has taken Moscoman across the world from his native Israel and current home in Berlin to Asia, America and across Europe, adapting but never altering his sound for festival gigs and impressing with an ambitious live set at Primavera Sound and DGTL. Whether finding unexpected beauty between the 4/4 expectations of ever-larger festival stages, exploring and reworking the rich music of his heritage or simply creating a space to share sounds with friends old and new, Moscoman’s mind remains as open as his audience.

We had chat with Moscoman to talk about his Disco Halal Covid-19 relief fund and latest musical releases.

EG: Hello Moscoman, thanks for your time today. How are you finding lockdown personally? Has this impacted your personal inspiration or motivation?

Moscoman: Hello all. To be honest, the first couple of weeks were crazy, everyone was all over the place, I don’t remember times where so many people were so anxious about the past, present, and future, but after a while like everything I got used to it and started to enjoy it also, the time off, but I’m ready to go back to work now.

EG: Is this giving you more time to reflect and do other stuff aside from music? Or are you more driven into producing music? 

Moscoman: Oh, I did reflect and came to the conclusion that music is the only thing I really enjoy, so I went back to work quickly, for the label for everything, remixing, producing.

EG: You have created the Disco Halal Covid-19 relief fund in order to support the underground arts and hospitality scene – what is your ethos and what is the ideal outcome?

Moscoman: I just wish we’ll have enough money to support a few people really, I know it’s not much, but whatever I can do I’m happy – you can donate here >>

EG: What would be your advice for other musicians and artists at this time?

Moscoman: Keep on going, release music, create, times are tough and gonna be worse, but probably will get better at one point and you want to be there when it will.

EG: You recently released a new EP titled ‘What Do We Care’ via Moshi Moshi Records. What was the inspiration to produce this track and how you collaborated with Teleman?

Moscoman: It was the first single from my upcoming album on Moshi Moshi, I don’t know where it came from, I think I was missing my girlfriend from the many trips we used to do, after that I sent it to Tom (Teleman), and the rest is history.

“Parties have been since the beginning of history, no virus is gonna change this”

EG: It also includes two remixes by Gerd Janson, are you happy with his different versions?

Moscoman: Of course, Gerd is one of the leading people in the electronic scene, and one of my favorite characters, I appreciate he even took the time to do it!

EG: Regarding your labels Disco Halal and Singles Club, can you share what is planned in the coming days/months?

Moscoman: Singles Club will continue exposing new hot talents in the hopes of jumpstarting their career each month, and soon there will be some new (for us) talents joining our family such as Budakid, Tunnelvisions, Kino Todo, OMRI, Inigo Vontier, and more.

EG: Are you joining the livestream trend?

Moscoman:  I understand the need to play music, I did a few, whatever people need.

EG: Moving back into the uncertainty of the current situation with COVID-19, the music industry could face some tough times, more specifically clubs and events. Do you foresee a new direction of the business side of it?

Moscoman: There’s always gonna be something new, we just need to create it. Parties have been since the beginning of history, no virus is gonna change this, and it’s on the people to go party again because governments are clueless and just trying to keep their seats.

EG:  You recently released a new session entitled ‘Vibes At The Time Of Corona’. Can you describe the mix in three words?

Moscoman: Enjoy Music Again

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